Saturday, November 15, 2014

Painted Pine Cone Tutorial

Hello sweet friends!
I have been a busy girl crafting and getting ready for the holidays!
Every year I have the kids gather pine cones for me.
This year I painted and glittered my pine cones pink and white to use in wreaths, bowl fillers and outside decor. 
I love finding inexpensive pretty ways to decorate!
Here is a step by step tutorial of how I painted my pine cones.

Painted Pine Cone Tutorial
Step 1 :
Collect pine cones and mix up your favorite shade of pink paint. 

 Step 2:
Spread out a piece of plastic to paint over. Put your plastic gloves on, this craft gets messy. Using a generous dip of paint begin painting the outside of pine cone.

 Step 3:
Next, gently paint into the tips.
 Step 4:
While pine cone is still wet sprinkle with fairy dust glitter. Lay on plastic to dry. Take it a step further and embellish with ribbons, pearls and pretty baubles.
Display in a pretty bowl for a pretty hint of holiday romance.
 Have fun painting pine cones!
 Thank you so very much for stopping by for a visit with me!
Hope you all are having a day full of Joy and holiday good tiding!
Hugs and sparkles,


  1. Olivia, I have gathered pine cones all fall. I wanted to make some cute decorations with my g.daughters. This is really cute, may have to do this with them. Thanks for the cute idea. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  2. Really pretty...I need to go find a source for pretty pine cones.....

  3. I love your home, so romantic and shabby chic :) Do you normally use that mirror as your tray when you're decorating? I have lots of shabby chic mirrors in the living area and the bedroom but I never thought about using is as a tray :) I might use it next time when serving coffees and teas to my guests :)


  4. Those are darling, Olivia. Have you ever tried dipping them in slightly thinned paint? I have done that in the past and I love the way those come out, too. I think I was too lazy to paint them~;>) xo Diana

  5. They are gorgeous and the glitter is the perfect touch!


  6. Those are so pretty in pink, definitely something I would do

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