Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My May Mantel

These pretty roses are blooming faster than I can pick them!
This is my Shabby Rose mantel for May...

I love the idea of mantel of the month! Everything is blooming and warming up. 
I used a pretty vintage gold fan mirror tucked behind the girl bust. 
Accented by delicate rose gold cups and a giant floppy bloom of gorgeous garden roses!

I have really wanted a bust ( no puns) so when I saw this sweet girl today I snapped her up for $2!
Whoo Hoo!!
Do you have a pretty mantel to feature? 
Email me with pictures or a link!

 Sweet old Psalm book I adore! I have been around my house alot lately. Thursday, I am having a minor surgery, so, I will probably not be out for garage sales. I have been thrifting for my booths instead. I am praying that God gives me patience and a quick and easy recovery. I am a busy girl and don't like to lay around much.  I will be sharing this with....
Squishy Hugs,

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