Friday, October 28, 2011

Shabby Chic Christmas Feather Tree Tutorial

Hello lovelies!
I got published in the Fall Issue of Creating Vintage Charm!

Click to order!

For the holidays, this weekend, I am working on creating

fluffy jeweled maribu Shabby Chic Christmas feather trees!

I find village buildings at resale shops and paint them pink

(I plan to detail the houses with white paint and glitter )

I decided to create a pretty jeweled maribu feather tree to go with

the pink village.

To create these you will need:

*cone ( I used a crocheted one, but you can be creative)

*maribu feather boa

*hotglue gun


*silk, clay or organza roses for topper

*jewel scraps

~First, I cut my cone to make a flat bottom.

~Next, hot glue feather boa on, starting at the bottom and

spiraling your way toward the top, leave about 1/2 inch at top to decorate.

~Glue flowers evenly around the top. Add your vintage jewel in the center.

~Finally take a tiny bit of elmers glue with your finger and gently

dab it on the outer edges of roses, then sprinkle with a fine glitter.

I love how soft and dreamy the feathers appear to accent the pink house just perfectly! So creative and fun for the holidays!
If you don't have the time (or burning your finger patience) I will be listing some of these in my
Etsy (click to view) store.

I can't wait to see what everyone is creating for the Shabby holidays!I will be partying with the darling Beverly at How Sweet the Sound!




Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What sells in my Shabby Flea Market Booths

Hello lovelies!
I have two flea market booths!
One is big and one is small.
Today I worked in my small one and added some new delightful treasures!
One of my biggest sellers is small painted tables, desks and chairs.

I also sell lots of painted frames, mirrors and shutters!

Baskets, magazines and linens are also good sellers for me.
I throw a pile of vintage linens in a basket and let my buyers go to town.
I also love to use Shabby white and pink valances, tablecloths and bedding
to give my booths that sweet and cozy cottage feel!
I also love to have at least one vintage mannequin in each booth to dress up!
The pink number on my girl makes her look like a Shabby princess!

I am blessed to have a job that I adore!
I also include vintage toys and military to entertain those that are not so Shabby!
Lot's of painting and crafting to do before the Holidays!
Have a fabulous day!

Partying with
Cindy at My Romantic Home!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shabby Chic Kissing Ball

Hello lovelies!
Well, I have had out my handy "hot glue gun"
and pouf pouf, I created this pretty romantic tassel/ kissing ball!
I love to collect different scraps of pretty lace,I usually pick up lace scraps in the craft department at
our local resale shops!
For this little beauty I used a lavender sachet as the base...
Next I cut and tied layers of lace and ribbon to give it fullness!
At the top I added the softest touch of maribu feather!
Ooooh la la so frenchy and delicious!
Now....where is Mr. Romantic...

Have a fabulous day!
I will be sharing this with
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Love notes

While reading an old issue of Southern Lady,
I stumbled upon a poet by the name of Violet Witherspoon.
I found her story interesting and her poetry lyrical...

No debt is owed a smile, however warm,
That brightened hearthstone cold on gray-branched day,
Nor dearness of an eye that shone with special charm

And lighted lowest clouds along their way.
For spoken kindess let no payment pass,
Though in truth such never fell unheard,
Nor yet for look, nor dress, nor studied stance
Seen loudly clothed in pale and dying word.
Only a sightless scene deserves the fee:
'Twas but a hand laid lightly o'er my own,
A momentary mime, mute reverie,
For hands sing songs with words to lips unknown.
Unseen by thee who played the mummer's part,
In recompense for hand, I gave my heart.

January 3, 1905

A small entertainment for my Monday!
I had a fabulous and blessed Birthday! My day started with pink pancakes...
need I say more! My hot hubbie and
I got to actually go on a real date!
Thank you all for the sweet wishes
(and for even kind of believing I'm close to 26 years old, gigles!!
Big hugs,

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shabby Chic Birthday Party

I am in heaven over the moon for this gorgeous digital scrapbook Birthday card
Cindy Adkins' at Whimsical Musings made for my Birthday, she is so talented and her creations are just lovely!
Thank you Cindy it is gorgeous!!!!
It's time to party!
A celebration has begun!
Let's eat lots of yummy cake and treasure hunt till we drop!
I am turning 26 (or something close ~giggles~) this weekend!
Woot! Woot!
Cake~TomKat Studio~

I love this cake sign!
Darling "Let them eat cake sign" at Royal Bebe Shoppe!

Fabulous Pink Tiara by Zazzle!
So my lovely bloggy friends let's celebrate and eat cake and find anything and everything beautiful in our lives to be thankful for!
I am one blessed chic!
Love ya'll!
Partying with
My Romantic Home
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marie Antoinette Hat

Oooohh La la!
How can we resist going over the top for Halloween!
Marie Antoinette fits perfectly into the "High Style" category...

With thoughts of over the top frilly gorgeousness I created this
pretty vintage hat!
I tried it on to make sure it was wearable!
I am crazy over the moon for vintage coats and chunky jewelry beads for fall!

Tons of over the top flowers set on a vintage hat base with pretty white lace edging.
It does not take much for me to let go and do over the top!

This is the new antique secretary Mr. Romantic and I picked up on our latest junkin adventure!
Surprise! He shabbied it for me...
True Love you know!

Of course will all of this fabulousness we can't forget to accessorize our pretty hangers!
More over the top Marie Antoinette inspired hanger!

I just know you are all having one amazing week...
remember if you are given lemons turn it into lemonade,
at the very least make it look pretty!
I will be joining

A house in the Roses

Faded Charm

Big hugs,

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shabby Chic Halloween Pink Pumpkin

I am finally getting in the mood for Halloween!
Of course I am doing some pink pumpkins!
This little darling is my newest creation.
She is pretty and spooky all lit up perfect for a "Shabby Chic Halloween"!

Really, I just can't do traditional Halloween...
for my cottage pink and white pumpkins are a must!
Everybody was tired this morning and me and the hubs are still sniffly.
Now, if I can just turn my energy to cleaning and not crafting, my house is getting messy!
If anyone has seen my fairy Godmother please send her my way!
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shabby Chic at the Cottage Sale

This week has been perfect weather ( high 70's) for our Farmgirl Sisters Cottage Sale!
We brought my gorgeous Shabby Chic Hall Tree, Handmade benches, decorative suitcases, windows, picture frames and much much more!
This has been our best sale yet!
Tons and tons of goodies, friends and fun!

I have directions posted on my Shabby Chic at Cadwell's Flea Market facebook page in the top right hand corner of this blog.

This adorable chair was made by my friend Jan with strips of fabric!
I'm gonna have to try this!
So many goodies, I am trying to restrain and not shop till the end of the sale...

Ok, I am secretly praying my Shabby Chic Hall tree does not sell.
My confession of the week...
would you sell it?
He reasoned with me and told me he would make me ten more...
I think I'm a Shabby hoarder.
Anyhoo, lots to do today! I have the sniffles but I am going to try to push through it!

Come see us if you are local!
Hugs and Love!
I will be partying with the fabulous
My Romantic Home
How Sweet the Sound


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