Friday, May 10, 2013

Shabby Chic Garden

Hello lovelies!
My heart has been in my garden this week!
I brought home this pretty planting of petunias and another nice little perrineal to the right, I have already forgotten the name.

 I like to paint my garden pots white and my little plaque reads "Welcome the Hope Flowers Bring".
I feel that to be can bring such hope!
Do you see my little cutie pie knome....he is very serious in the garden reading his book.
I also planted a new pretty in pink knock out rose in my front yard, I think it will do great as there will be tons of sun!
The most exciting thing I have been doing is sprucing up my front cottage entrance!
Look at this amazing Victorian screen door I found at my neighbors....for $40....I was in heaven over the moon!! It makes such a difference!
I still need to redo my wreath and add some flowers to the little plant stand, but I am thrilled to have something so gorgeous to dress up my sweet little home!
In my backyard my climbing rose is out of control huge!
I cannot wait to show you pictures when it blooms out.
This picture is from two years climber is over the lattice top now!
Here is the before and after picture of my backstep English Garden project...
So there we go, the start of my little gardens! More pictures to come as things begin to bloom!
Wishing you all a very beautiful and blessed Mother's Day!
I am so thankful to have many wonderful examples of mothers in my life, ladies who lift me up, listen to me and offer their beautiful friendship!
I sent my mother a beautiful purple orchid, I hope she love it, I sure do miss her!


Hugs and sparkles,

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