Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~Shabby Addict~
 Treasure Hunting from last weekend...hold your breath...only $5 this is a pretty bridesmaid purse handmade by one of my neighbors! Oh so pretty!
The little iron chair was in the ladies front yard at the garage sale I was at this morning... I asked her if she would sell it to me she said ABSOLUTELY NOT! 10 seconds later she said ok...$3... you can imagine what I was screaming inside my head! YIPEE. I kept my cool thankfully!
In the chair sits a pretty pink chandelier... Shabby Heaven!
 My Wonky candles, I got 25 for $1 and then realized why.... they are a bit wonky don't ya think!
This pretty tablecloth is really a bed overlay...but it fits my table perfectly!!
 Pretty rose plates hung on newly shabbied cabinets! I used old shutters that I painted pink instead of a valance here, I just like to have a bit of a view! Check out the fluffy white curtain above! I have a pretty rose shabby chic curtain I am going to layer on it... my poor husband does not stand a chance. I still have red walls... will someone please come paint them white for me! LOL
This is part of my living room the pretty white cabinet I found for only $15 and the window I painted (3 coats to cover the awful red) and then added shutters! I finally found two pretty plates to go on each side of the platter!
Well, I would say this is a good day of Shabby Shopping! Especially since I have been out of town and pretty much cleaning all day!  Thought I would share a little eye candy with everyone!
Have a Blessed evening!
Hugs Olivia

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