Monday, April 19, 2010

Junk Haulin' a Tea Cart!
Soooo.... this is the cute red tea cart that was supposed to make its way into my Flea Market Booth....alas it bumped around in my car until I came up with the perfect spot to put it in my house! 
MISSION: To paint it white and load it up with Shabtastic Goodness!
 3 1/2 Cans of spray paint later and a serious visit to the Shabby Chic beauty Salon and ....
Waaaaa LAAAA!
So, some of you might be was pretty cute red?! I agree....but where in the world would a red tea cart go in my house???? When everything is Shabbed out and painted white! Well, I adore this makeover even though it took so much paint! 
On top I decorated with a cute tin ($1.50) at a garage sale, I squealed so loud at this find my friend probably wanted to hide under a table~
A close up of the delightful tin full of crushed roses~
A pretty teapot I got for free because the foot was broken... I have it propped up in a candle and the lace bow conceals its identity!
Birdhouse above $5 tag sale find....junk inside total cost of about $1.50~ Love the thrifty!
Well, I hope you enjoyed my Shabby Tea Cart! Check back to see why my hands are covered in a white paint mess! Yes, I am blogging and painting at the same time!
~Hugs Olivia~

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