Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tiny Romantic Porch

I have a tiny back porch out my bedroom door.
Even though it is small (as is most of my house) does not mean it can't be fabulous.
Last year I painted this tiny porch white.
Painting this tiny porch white gave it a fresh springy romantic feel, which I love!
 I buy my outdoor Shabby pillows at thrift stores and 
garage sales so if I forget to bring them in and they get wet I am only out $1 or so.
This weekend I got lucky and found these darling Shabby pink pillows at my favorite flea market half off which made them $3! (Happy Dance)
I used a bed skirt draped over a pole to add a bit of fluff and mystery behind the bench.
An easy faux garden chandelier is put together using an upside down planter.
I painted it a soft shabby green and used some Christmas beaded garland to give it a bit of sparkle.
A tray of chocolate cupcakes and rose china adds a cozy romantic touch.
The kids enjoyed the chocolate cupcakes and I had a blast setting it all up.
I will be sharing with sweet hug to Vintage Sparkle Chic  for featuring me on her blog, stop by to check out her fabulous faux chandy!
Later in the week I am going to share with you my rusty wheelbarrow makeover! 
I am so ready for spring! 
Squishy Hugs,


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