Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fairy Princess Garden Tea Party

 Hello my sweet and beautiful friends!
Over the Easter Holiday I was blessed with some very special Fairy Princess's who visited me!
I created a garden tea party for them with pretty cakes and tea!
 The Fairy Princess's wore tea party dresses designed by Janay's Tutu Fab, Marie Antoinette jeweled party hats, Shabbydazzle fairy wings and magical fluffy tutu wands!
 Tea was served and in high style they ate cake and played in sparkles!
 Such precious dolls and quite a magical time to be had for all!

After all the magical fairy fun they became very tired and needed a rest!
Thank you for stopping by and having tea with our super sweet magical Fairy Princess's!
Find all the hats, wands and wings in my Etsy Shoppe.

This week I am partying with 


Big hugs and sparkles,

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