Thursday, September 22, 2011

Victoria's Suitcase

Inspired by the new
Adele song "Someone like you",
I created Victoria's suitcase....
Upon finding out that the love of her life is set to marry
another woman, Victoria hastily grabs her suitcase and rushes
to the train station.

He holds the key to her heart...
In a rush to be off, Victoria ties her pearls and other goodies to the top
of her suitcase...
She quickly glances in the mirror, not sure that her face can change his mind...
smoothing her hair and grabbing her favorite gloves and hat, her heart beats wildly.
Her mind is racing with doubt...
What if he says no, what if he doesn't love her, what if he does not choose her.
The pain in her heart burns with these thoughts,
but she must at least tell him how she feels...
to be continued....

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