Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pink Poufy Flowers!
Happy Pink Saturday!
I was soooo excited to win these beautiful handmade poufy pink flowers from Connie at
and oh how beautiful and smellrific these darling little treats are!
They found a perfect home in my shabby old broken leg teapot!
 Thank you so much Connie for the beautiful fluffly treats! Pink + Fluff = Happy Shabby Girl!
I also want to share with you my oh so favorite fluffy shabby pink vintage hat!
I also love this sweet Tea Book


Happy Pink Saturday! My pink princess is calling for me to play "ponies". Please visit Beverly at 
where pink lovin gals get together!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Junk Haulin a Chandy
I love beautiful lush crystal chandeliers and I was dying to have one in my dining room to give it that Shabby Romantic feel. Well, you know me, I grabbed a $5 brass chandy at a garage sale and went to work! (The guy at the garage sale LAUGHED at me and said I could not spray brass..HA!)
I spray painted the brass with a pretty antique white, added some dangly crystals and wa lah. 
Ok, this is not quite like the ones I drool over....but it made my day and my budget!
This is the style of fixture I had in my dining room before...not a bad light but not drool worthy.
This is a similar picture of the brass chandy before (i forgot to take a pic, but you get the idea)

If you can dream it you can do it! I also created this darling little rosebud kissing ball during Christmas and just decided to leave it up!

 This is my humble little junky chandy... $5 plus paint, crystals I traded for and .50 cents for all the shades. I think it would be even prettier with some beaded strands and beautiful shabby embellished shades that match...don't you think...
I am partying with all of the other lovers of Shabby White over at Faded Charm, you must check them out
and the lovely Cielo at
and My Cottage Charm at 
and Romantic Homes

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lord, fill my Tea Cup...
Help me dump out my troubles and fill
my spirit with your peace, grace and love!
 Hello! Good morning and Happy Monday!
Sit for a moment and have a nice fresh cup of coffee or tea!
I went to church yesterday with a heavy heart and then after singing and listening to the word of God...I felt like a new person!
Remember, to dump your troubles into the lap of our heavenly father instead of carrying the weight of the world on your pretty little shoulders. 
Trust me you will feel so much better!
 Let the word of God wash over you...
Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh La La We Love Pink!
Hello all my darling pink lovin friends!
I was at a tag sale yesterday loading up so I did not have to garage sale all morning (my sweet 3 year old was with me, no further explaining to do) 
...I was going back and forth between tables when this beauty appeared...the Rose Teapot...the angels are singing oh what a beautiful find! Am I going to hoard this teapot for awhile? Yes maam, you better believe it...
A Happy Little tea cart full of Shabby Birdhouses and what nots
I still have not found a good used, my husband hung a clothes line in our backyard and I picked up this darling little clothespin bag hand made by a friend of mine...

We can't forget about a little pink fun for ourselves..
I found another pink purse! 
$1 ~I know its a fake, but who cares~LOVE IT!
Of course, I love Victoria's Secret Pink lotion too!
Please stop by Beverly at for more pink goodness!
Ta Ta for now!
Squishy Hugs,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wandering Wall...
I have a funny little spot in the entryway of my kitchen. It is my wandering wall...wandering because, i am constantly placing furniture in front of the wall and the furniture takes off, usually into my booth. This darling little wall has also been the home of many little kids tables. You can imagine the amount of sticky fingers that have wandered over it. So, I painted the wall with a regular old antique white wal-mart semi- gloss and decided to move the blue picture from my living room and above it I placed a white tray frame that I remade...
 The white frame I shabbied and framed lace underneath, inside of the frame I hung my favorite antique leather gloves with an old skeleton key and dangling crystal...
The skeleton key, lace, crystal combination is one of my favorites...
I am working on a couple of little furniture projects sooooo.....stay tuned for what I might add to this darling little wandering wall...
 This week I am partying with my friends over at Faded Charm for White Wednesday
and Cielo for Show off your Cottage Monday
 Please take a moment and visit these darling sites! Some of my favorite friends are partying with them!
Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Quickie Bench Redo!
Hello! With little ones running around...I am always in a hurry to get my makeover projects done FAST!
This is a little bench someone gave was a shocking I softened it with a white spray job.
 I had a piece of foam I used for the cushion.
I covered the foam in a vintage white pillowcase and then hotglued some lace around it! That's right I hot glued the lace (sewing ladies brace yourselves...) GIGGLE! Hey, it worked and saved me alot of time! LOL
Yup, there it is my hot glue gun! (One day I will learn to sew and have time for it, don't notice my starched up crafting surface, yikes, guess its time for a new cover)!
A delightful quickie shabby makeover....took me less than an hour total! Gotta love that!
Thank you for stopping by I am joining for some fun DIY projects
Have a lovely and blessed day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh La La...feelin Sassy on a Pink Saturday!
That's right! It is never too late to add a little sass to our wardrobe! This purse is HOT and I am going to carry it with a sassy step and a joyful heart!  I found this darling Jessica Simpson purse at a tag sale yesterday...$5...I was doing back flips in my head! So pretty in pink and just what I needed for a little pick me up!
  How cute with a darling summer dress and a pair of strappy shoes!
 Let me tell you...after a long day of being a the last thing on my list...but shhhh we won't tell my husband...this purse will remind me to keep a little "flirt" in my step!
OK...there you go, my little personal splurge! 
As you all know I love to fluff up my house, so I must share with you my pretty pink  jar I found...
I plopped these pretty white and pink flowers in and they found a home on top of my kitchen hoosier cabinet!
So soft and pink...
 Thank you for stopping by and Happy Pink Saturday to my favorite pinkies!
Don't forget to add a little sass to your step!
Squishy pink hugs to Beverly for bringing all of us pinkies together...
Don't forget to stop by and check out some more pinky friends!
Have a delightful day!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Beautiful Day!
I am up early today having a nice cup of coffee, catching up on my bloggey friends and instead of worrying I am praying!
 I also stumbled on a wonderful surprise! Connie over at 
 just informed me that I am a winner of come darling roses, which I am super excited about! If you love pretty in pink swing by and check her out! She is a "sweet chick"!
In case you need an idea for a project, below, I have pictured a vintage planter that I painted up, flipped upside down and hung crystals from! A cheap way to accent! 
This is in my laundry room!
Have an awesome day!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Shabby Picture Studio!
Hello!  Happy Pink Saturday! 
I just have to share with you my absolute favorite corner in my living room! 
 I have a wicker screen that I painted and rubbed stain over, of course you recognize the lamp. I used a small pillar in the corner and placed the iron candleabra on top with a pretty old shabby veil coming off the back. The window is just propped up with a shabby mirror frame that I painted white propped in front of that! 
My friend Benay came over and snapped some pictures of my little girl in this setting...
Normally, I take the kids portraits in a studio...but just look how beautiful this picture came out! I am so excited that a little ole corner of my living room could produce such a gorgeous photo!!!!Who knew?!
We set the camera on black and white to make it look a little more old fashioned!
 With the camera set on black and white we did not have to be fussy about matching my little girls clothing to the background...(she used her red Christmas dress for these photos)
 I used some of my vintage hats, faux flowers and purses as props! This "studio session" cost me nothing and I was thrilled with how darling the pictures turned out!
Thank you for letting me show and tell you about my Shabby Living Room Corner!
Thank you Cindy at for hosting Show and Tell Friday! A big squishy hugs for Beverly at
Have a lovely and blessed day!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My new favorite color!
Let me tell you I adore all things shabby...whites, pinks, greens and blues...but every once in a while I fall hard for a color...
this is my new color love...
I really have not landed on a shade yet but it is a mix between shabby green and blue...I have this old hoosier cabinet in my kitchen and the old scale...a combo between the two tell me what is your favorite shabby color...?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shabby Rose Dreamin...
As a stay at home wife and mother I know that this is the most important job in my life right now and I am thankful a million times over for all of my blessings!
 As much as I love my beautiful life, I realize that if I am not careful I can easily lose touch with "me" admist making sure my family is loved, happy and well cared for.
 I would like to show and tell you about one of my dreams. I absolutely looovvvve the Romantic Country (Homes) style and magazine! I have my magazines stationed everywhere in my house and I am not kidding you... a stash in my living room, office area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, purse, car anywhere I might have a quick couple of minutes to cruise around and get ideas...

 When a new issue comes out I read it over and over and then carry it around with me everywhere like it is my "blankey", giggle.  I asked my husband to pick up an issue for me at Wallgreens...he came home with the wrong magazine and said the new Romantic Country was not out yet. My sweet hubby is amazing but not really at finding things, I have to help him and the kids find everything. So naturally, I went back to Wallgreens to find Romantic Country and lo and behold there was the brand spanking new issue just waiting for me!!!! I seriously convinced the lady to let me exchange the magazine. She did! Whoo hoo!

I am such a cheapo, but when it comes to this magazine ($8) I bite the bullet and splurge on one every month,  (when I find them at garage sales or thrift stores I go crazy with delight!)

My grown up mommy dream would be to style or write for one of my favorite magazines. 

I know what you are thinking (LONG SHOT) but really, might as well shoot for the moon even if I miss I have a chance of landing amidst the stars and that would be allright with me! Right now I am going to continue enjoying my life as a wife and mother! Thanks for stopping by to do a little Shabby Rose Dreaming with me! Thank you to Cindy at for hosting Show and Tell Friday! A special thank you to Beverly at for hosting Pink Saturday!
The biggest thanks goes out to the American Soldiers for dying for our freedom! We salute and honor you for your courage and strength in all you do!
God Bless the United States of America!


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