Thursday, December 9, 2010

Olivia's Romantic Giveaway!

Hello Friends!
I just adore all of you so...lets have some fun and giveaway a Romantic Treasure!
I have been creating away and this is one of my prettiest bottles yet!
Ohhhh La La! So fluffy and romantic!
Giveaway rules are super easy: 
Comment, sign up to follow or post giveaway on sidebar to be entered 
( If you do all three you get three entries, if you are already a follower just let me know!)
Honestly, I just cannot ever get tired of the beauty and romance of roses!
I also created some pretty decorative rose clips. I used one to change up the look of my fabulous soft pink memory lamp...
  My dining room is cozy and my favorite place to change up decorations!
For Christmas I added a fluffy gold boa mixed in with greenery and a golden swag!
I could not resist the sparkle of these pretty ornaments in an
antique limoges soup toureen!
 As always your comments make my heart dance with excitement! 
Don't forget to enter the pretty giveaway just comment on this post!
This week I am partying some darling friends! Check out their fabulous blogs! So many ideas!

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