Sunday, April 6, 2014

Photo Shoot for Cinemagic Magazine

Hello my darlings!
Several months ago I was contacted by
 Beth Roose from Cinamagic Magazine 
asking me to host a photo shoot in my home featuring my creations,models,dress designer,professional photographer, hair and makeup! 
I must tell you that I was beyond thrilled to be blessed with such an exciting opportunity!
I decided to create a Princess Fairytale Tea Party Theme.
I went over the top creating Shabbydazzle party hats, flower crowns, hair pieces and romantic decor to really make things Oohhh la la fancy!
( I snapped this picture with my little camera, I cannot wait to see the finished product!)
All of our little Fairy Princess models were so beautiful.
What a blessing to meet the girls and their sweet mothers, some driving as far as eleven hours to be here!
  I want to share with you the most amazing team of people who helped me put it all together!
Gabby with GKR Photography 
was the photographer and did an outstanding job shooting the photos and worked tirelessly to capture the perfect picture.
Gabby's creative vision and attention to detail is fantastic and I am over the moon excited to see the finished product!
Gabby currently attends the Art Institute in Denver, Colorado and is majoring in photography.

Janay, with Janay's Tutu Fab  
designed the most beautiful dresses to go along with our theme and the soft pink and whites I use in all of my creations. 
 Janay is a children's dress designer that is not only talented but absolutely precious to work with!

Sara Sereika our hair stylist, is an experienced hair artist from California. 
Sara has a fantastic eye for taking my vision and creating exactly the perfect romantic hair styles for our little Princess fairies. I was above and beyond pleased with her work!

Amanda Plaster was our sweet and talented makeup artist.
She created the perfect soft angelic makeup look for each girl.
 Portraying child like innocence while highlighting their sweet faces.
 Amanda was such an amazing blessing to work with!

My precious friend Lorena with Shabbysweets is my go to girl for staging!
She is my absolute best Shabby girlfriend and goes above and beyond to help me pull my home and my head together!
She keeps me calm and lets me bounce a million ideas off of her, obsessively calling her for opinions on every detail!
Lorena helped me create the Fairytale Princess Marie Antoinette tea party table scape.
Gotta love a Shabby bestie!

 I could not have done this without the love and support of him.
He lets me Shabbydazzle our home and helps me paint and fix everything!
He is so easy going and supportive of all of my very sparkly projects!

 A HUGE thank you and hug to 
Beth Roose with Cinemagic Magazine 
for believing in me and my Shabbydazzle sparkles!
It is a dream come true to have such a fabulous opportunity!
 I cannot wait to see the JUNE issue of Cinemagic Magazine!!!

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Big squishy hugs,

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shabby Chic pink laundry room

Hello my darlings!
This week I am sharing some pictures of my little pink laundry room!
Well, actually, it is more like a laundry closet!

 I do alot of laundry every day for my family, so I decided to make it fun and pretty!
Might as well make a daily chore fabulous!
If my husband was in charge of the laundry I would man cave it up, but since I am the one in here everyday, it needs to be pretty soothing pastels.
Making my laundry room pretty was actually easy!
A can of paint, tag sale finds and some creativity transformed it into a fun girly space.
My hubby created a clever laundry hamper by transforming a night stand.
Here is the blog post on how to do up cycle a night stand into a laundry hamper
I hope you loved my little Shabby Chic pink laundry room!

A huge thank you to my darling friend Sheri with Sheri Holloway Photography for the gorgeous pictures of my laundry room!

I have a photo shoot this weekend for Cinemagic magazine!
We will be doing a Marie Antoinette inspired tea party!
Stay tuned for pictures.

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Big sparkling hugs and blessings,

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shabby Chic Dining Room

 Hello my sweet and beautiful friends!
This week I am sharing more photos from my Casa Romantica Shabby Chic photo shoot!
These are from my dining room.
My darling friend Sherry did such a fabulous job capturing it all!

 I love having fresh roses to play with on my table!
If I could afford it, I would have them in my home in every room all the time!

 My little vintage secretary that I drug home from a tag sale and painted up white!
It was missing the glass on the doors, so I decided to use old curtain lace.
 I am such a nutt for pretty vintage dishes...
 Yummy Shabbydazzle birdhouse.
 Loving Spring time with all the darling pastel Easter candies!
Who can resist pink peeps.

Thank you stopping by and visiting my little Shabby Chic Dining Room!

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shabby Chic Spring

Hello my sweet and beautiful friends! 
This week has been so gorgeous!
Warm temperatures reminding me spring is on it's way.
I have been blessed to be in my studio creating Shabbydazzle treasures for my
For this wreath I used loads of candy pink roses, hydrangeas, peonies and daisies.
Dreaming of the romance of Spring time in Roma, Italy...

Beautiful bed tray photos taken by my precious friend 

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Hugs and sparkles,

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shabby Chic Office

 Hello lovelies!
This week I am sharing more photos from my Casa Romantica Shabby Chic magazine photo shoot!
This is my teeny tiny studio! I created this studio spot off to the side of my living room. I used the lace screens and faux door window to give it a feel of separation from the rest of the room.

 I use loads of trims, roses, laces, pearls, tulle and vintage baubles to create my treasures...
Here is one of my latest Marie Antoinette Journal creations!
A huge thank you to Paulette at Papernosh Studios for allowing me to use some of her gorgeous Marie Antoinette images.
A shot of me with my Shabbydazzle treasures...

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Hugs and sparkles,

Friday, February 28, 2014

Shabby Chic Living Room

Hello my sweet and beautiful friends! 
Today I am sharing some new pretty Shabby Chic living room photos!
My husband found the most gorgeous antique scrolly chairs in his mother's basement. 
We were blessed to be gifted these chairs and set to work putting a Shabby Chic touch on them.
We were told these chairs were dated back from before the civil war era!
Needless to say I had a bit of a time deciding to paint them.
After they were repaired, painted and got new pale pink cushions, I became extremely happy with the results!!
 My pretty junk shoppe lampshade and flea market lamp!
I love to go junkin to find unusual treasures to dress my home!

I also painted this sweet garden statue and brought her inside to give my mantle some character.
 We actually removed one of our sofas and added two of these Shabbydazzle chairs and I am really loving it!
 These pictures are from my photo shoot, I am beyond blessed and thankful to have received beautiful high quality resolution photos of my home.
I am considering buying a high resolution camera to use for my blog but I have no clue as to where to begin looking.
I have been told the Canon Rebel is a good easy to use camera choice.
 Thank you so very much for stopping by, I read and treasure every comment!
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Caring for fresh cut roses

Hello my darlings!
Last week I splurged and bought some fresh roses for my home!
 Would you believe that I had no idea how to care for fresh cut roses?!
A very sweet florist gave me instructions on how to get my roses to open up and last longer!
Wow!!! What a difference it has made.
I am sharing some tips on how to care for fresh cut flowers in case you are like me and had no clue. 
I picked up a dozen roses at our local grocery store for $9.99.
These roses were for my photo shoot so I wanted them to last and also bloom out a bit. 
These are the tips the florist shared with me in order to get my roses nice and fluffy for my event.
 Florists Fresh Cut Roses Tips
1.To keep your roses fresh for an event place store them in a refrigerator in water with some fresh flower preservative.

2. Roses take 2-3 days to bloom out before an event. To get them to bloom out take them out of the refrigerator and prepare a jar with luke warm water. Cut the rose stems about and inch and them place them directly in the luke warm water.

3. Watch roses carefully as they bloom out, this process can take several hours even up to a couple of days. 

4. When your roses are bloomed out where you want them. Prepare another jar of water and preservative. Cut your roses another inch and them place them immediately in the solution and put them back in the refrigerator until your event.

This worked really great for me!
I was pleased with how the roses stayed fresh and bloomed out perfectly.
If you have any more fresh cut roses tips leave them in the comments below, I would love to hear how you care for your flowers!

Have a beautiful blessed week,

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Casa Romantica Shabby Chic

I am over the top exited to have my home and artistic creations featured in 
Casa Romantica Shabby Chic magazine!!!
A huge thank you to 
Sheri Holloway Photography 
for a fabulous photo shoot! Click like on her Facebook page to see updated photos posting soon! 
I'm not sure yet which issue it will be, but here is the magazine. 
It is an Italian publication, so far I have found Cutepinkstuff sells it online.

 This has been a dream of mine for some time to have my home in a magazine...
NEVER EVER give up your dreams!!!!!
A huge thank you to 
Sheri Holloway Photography
 for the fabulous photo shoot!!
I am beyond excited to see how it all turns out!!!
I don't usually like to have my picture made, 
my best friend Lorena snapped this one with her phone...
 Now it is time for me to RELAX!!!!
Wow, it was alot of work to get ready and stage this shoot.
My husband and kiddos were real troppers!!!
Thank you for stopping by and sharing my little Shabbydazzle corner of the world!!!

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Hugs and blessings,

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