Monday, April 26, 2010

A Sweet Cupboard Cleanup!
Hello! I wanted to share with you my afternoon activity!
I have a very cool old Hoosier Cupboard that I keep all my crafty projects and misc goodies in.
Lately I have been doing some heavy dumping on it.
Before Cleanup
After Cleanup
I am actually kind of hoarding this cabinet, I planned to put it into my booth when a big item sold but I always seem to find something else. LOL! I love the cutting board pull out and it has such wonderful deep storage and ohhhhh it is so pretty with the pretty shabby rose decorations (all incredible thrifty finds)! I painted the Roses sign a little wonky but cute.

Well, it is my dear husbands day off so I have to keep my crafting and blogging to a minimum! Hope you enjoyed my cupboard cleanup. I wonder how long it will stay clean??
Check back (I am reaaaalllllllyyyyyy hoping my dear husband will hang some chandeliers and move my shabby cabinet in)!
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