Saturday, April 24, 2010

Junk Haulin on Pink Saturday!
Good morning! I treasured hunted all day yesterday and I am up with the birds again this morning waiting for a sale to open that has webkinz for my little angels!
A wise friend of mine told me to get the little ones collecting something and they will want to tag sale with you! For us it is webkinz! Yippeee!
Today I will share with you some of the Pink Goodies around my house!
This is a darling pink gingham apron I have on the side of my hoosier cabinet in my kitchen~

A collage of treasure hunting items the pink platter on the left turned out to be really old and I hung it in my living room~
Don't forget about the pretty teapot on the left, it is my April giveaway....sign up to follow and make a ton of comments!
This is a really cool stand up ancient lamp that is outside of my house, it is a darling shade of old pink~
My little pink bunny all ready for spring!
Well tootle LOO I am off to do a little junk haulin treasure hunting! Wish me luck!
Thank you Beverly at for hosting Pink Saturday!
 Check back for more out of control Shabby Goodness!
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