Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tiny Romantic Porch

I have a tiny back porch out my bedroom door.
Even though it is small (as is most of my house) does not mean it can't be fabulous.
Last year I painted this tiny porch white.
Painting this tiny porch white gave it a fresh springy romantic feel, which I love!
 I buy my outdoor Shabby pillows at thrift stores and 
garage sales so if I forget to bring them in and they get wet I am only out $1 or so.
This weekend I got lucky and found these darling Shabby pink pillows at my favorite flea market half off which made them $3! (Happy Dance)
I used a bed skirt draped over a pole to add a bit of fluff and mystery behind the bench.
An easy faux garden chandelier is put together using an upside down planter.
I painted it a soft shabby green and used some Christmas beaded garland to give it a bit of sparkle.
A tray of chocolate cupcakes and rose china adds a cozy romantic touch.
The kids enjoyed the chocolate cupcakes and I had a blast setting it all up.
I will be sharing with sweet hug to Vintage Sparkle Chic  for featuring me on her blog, stop by to check out her fabulous faux chandy!
Later in the week I am going to share with you my rusty wheelbarrow makeover! 
I am so ready for spring! 
Squishy Hugs,



  1. Good job! Love the pink pillows and the chandelier...well done and romantic...Mel's Cabin is a follower.

  2. What a beautiful and romantic little space you created! I love it:)

  3. I love your sweet and very romantic little porch. It's big on style.


  4. Great make over and using things that are cheap is so much fun. We are not quite ready to be outside playing yet, but I know warmer days are coming!

  5. What a beautiful, special place for you to relax and soak in all the beauty you have created. Very inspiring and a testament that beautiful places don't have to be BIG. Good job. I love it.

  6. Hi Olivia, Great idea! is an extension of your room, so all the beautiful things you've collected will serve for summer to . The ladies need to keep our recreational areas and more if beauty around us, that gladdens the heart, Greetings, Rose Marie

  7. I love this porch! What a great idea for the porch chandelier, I will have to try that. I want to have tea or coffee here. I love the pillows, what finds!


  8. Olivia you porch is so very sweet!! You have just fixed it up to maximize every little inch and it's just fabulous@!

  9. I love it!!! I'm ready for a romantic outdoor space....if you have any ideas on how to keep a giant dog from destroying it all!!!! It looks amazing!!!

  10. This looks live a very pretty and peaceful place to's beautiful.

  11. L-O-V-E IT!! Very inviting....I'd want to stay there for hours sipping tea, drinking in the warm sunlight.

  12. Hi Olivia,

    What a sweet little porch! I love it! Love the idea you created with the chandy! Perfect and romantic. Thanks for sharing.


  13. Such a pretty space! And I love that tray! Hope I'm leaving my comment in the right spot, as I didn't see our Show Off Your Cottage Monday logo here ;)


  14. Hi Olivia,
    I love what you did with the planter and the beaded garland. I can't wait to see what you do with the rustic wheelbarrow! I'll be back!

    Happy PS
    Deanna :D

  15. Hi Olivia! I linked to your post because I loved your chandelier so much I made one, too! Thanks so much for the great idea!


  16. Beautiful porch and oh so romantic!
    Love it!

    Pamela :)

  17. Hello Dear Friend! Your porch is enchanting! Wow! I am inspired! What a lovely setting for enjoying some sunshine and fresh air. We could all use some about now, couldn't we? Thanks for sharing! Maybe when the rain lets up I'll work on our little front porch.
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  18. it might be tiny but it is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love the details!
    take care,

  19. I adore how you were so creative to turn the garden element into a chandy! Looks like you have a beautiful retreat!

  20. What a pretty place to sit - very romantic - i love what you did obviously don't have rain to deal with? I can't wait for summer! Thanks for helping me escape from the cold here! xoxo

  21. Miss Olivia!!

    What a lovely place for you to sit and relax with a cup of Tea or a cool drink!! What you have done to your little space is just beautiful!! I am looking at trying to make my little covered patio off the back of the house more Romantic looking when the weather finally gets nicer. You have given me some great ideas!!


  22. What a the Garden sign the most! You're decorating style is right up my alley! I love your blog to the moon!
    If you have a minute I'd love for you to link up to All Things Inspired ( noon)
    Such inspiration in every post...
    All Things Heart and Home

  23. Lovely! I, too, live in a neighborhood where just about anything goes! That, unfortunately can be good and bad! I can't wait for the warm weather to set in so I can work on the yard!

  24. Wow! Your porch is lovely. The chandelier and the pink pillows are definitely making a statement :)

  25. Just discovered this post- love your porch. I didn't realize the chandelier is "faux" until you pointed that out. Great job fooling the eye.

  26. Oh, my......I just found you by chance; love your blog! You are so creative!! Thank you for sharing.

  27. This is just lovely....You have inspired me to adorn my master deck with some romantic decor...:)


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