Monday, December 27, 2010

Shabby Chic Kitchen!

I have truly been praying for God to plant the desire in me to be passionate about cooking!
 Something is stirring in me and in my Shabby Kitchen!
Home Made Mashed Potatoes
 Yes, I took the time to peel and boil the potatoes, then I added tons of butter, sour cream, milk and salt. Yummy!
(I think Home Made taters are so much healthier than McDonald's fries, plus it is fun to sit down together at the table)
I made these for Christmas dinner and there were no leftovers, imagine that! 
My princess and I also whipped up some fabulous deserts using pudding and oreos!
The Recipe Book seems a bit intimidating to me.
I am learning that if I try it and mess it up or nobody likes it... I can try again with something else!
I am not sure why I have never really wanted to cook, it might take alot of money and a shrink to figure it out, but I believe God can change my heart about alot of things...right now it is cooking!
NOW, I of course WILL be decorating and painting things!!!!
My kitchen needs some cute pink accessories and I am dreaming of a rose cutting board.
For now I am thankful for the desire to create memories with my sweet family!
This is my view from my kitchen window...
My sweet n Shabby Kitchen
 Wish me luck as I blunder through recipes!
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