Friday, December 21, 2012

Sweet Melanie's Holiday Home Tour

Hello lovelies!
I am so excited to share Sweet Melanie's gorgeous holiday home with you all! Melanie is such a doll and will take us on the sweetest home tour this week! 
Let's take a peek...

 Welcome to our home in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia for Christmas.
Nothing fancy nor a huge million dollar home....but this our home. It was built in 1997 and there has been many many things done since then, inside and out.

Christmas is my most favorite time to decorate please come on in and enjoy!

This is our living room...we spend lots of family time here watching TV and just talking. There's nothing like family!
We did lots of white this year on the tree with little snippets of pink and silver.
Our living room, kitchen, hall and bath are painted in a pale pink. We have cold winter's and hot the color scheme works wonders for the mood. In the winter, it's light and bright. And in the summer, it's cool when it's so hot and muggy outside!
Years ago, I had a fetish with old windows. I came up with the idea of hanging one in between the two spaces to give a separation of some sort. It's so much fun to decorate it for the holidays.
Our kitchen is adjoined to the living it's all open. This is where our girls will be making the Christmas cookies, soon!
Recently I made some white slipcovers for all of the chairs. I had pink, but was wanting white since it seemed to be the theme for Christmas. I loved how they turned out!
The table was made simple this year....leftover ornaments with little touches of some clippings from our evergreens. And of course the centerpiece is my absolute's all about Jesus!
This little china cabinet was my grandmothers....I called her Mammaw. She passed last Christmas, so this piece will always be special. The story about how she saved to buy this along with the dishes(which I have stored away in a special place) is just so dear.
And my kitchen window....
This room is connected to the kitchen. Our girls play their video games here and there is a bed for guests on the opposite side.
We always have two trees...this one is for family and friends presents. it definitely makes it a lot easier sorting through packages when the time comes for delivery.
The french doors let lots of light into the kitchen and give privacy for guests.
This our downstairs master retreat for the husband and I. We moved down here to give our oldest our room. The best decision we the privacy!
A little tree...I fell in love with it! Usually I have the white one at the bottom of the stair landing, but decided to just have two little ones this year down here.
This is a quiet little spot. My husband spends lots of time here on the sofa watching football. As long as he's comfortable and has a full belly, he's happy!
By now, you may have figured out that I love armoires. I have them in every room for the TVs. I hate seeing electrical gadgets and cords.
My husband and I made this fireplace to house a gas stove. I have a ball decorating it for the holidays!
Another little tree at the stair landing.
This is our hall and our two beautiful girls!
I love chandeliers...especially this one!
Another little fireplace that we made.
The little girls room
I think this little grouping turned out perfectly. I spray painted the poinsettias last year to get the right shade of pink since I couldn't find them anywhere.
I love old doors...the more weathered the better!
Fresh pine has been a favorite of mine this year since the husband was laid off. Free is great!
I made my very own tree form all of the pine my husband has cut for me...thank goodness we have an endless supply!
And that's all folks...I have so many more rooms to show, but I'll save them for later. I am so very thankful that Olivia was sweet and asked if I'd be willing to do a home tour. Thanks so much for letting me share a little piece of our heaven.

Thank you sweet Melanie for sharing you gorgeous heart and home with us!!!
Find more pictures of Melanie's gorgeous home on her blog and Facebook page called "Sweet Melanie" or click here for a link.
I will be joining


Have a Merry Christmas and a beautiful blessed New Year full of sparkles and joy!
Big squishy hugs,

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