Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pink Cleaning & Organizing

Hello my lovely friends!
I think this Shabby Chic pantry from Cynthia's
Cottage Shop (Minis) on Etsy is a cute inspiration!
I am on a spring cleaning and organizing kick!
I found these two pink totes at the Dollar Tree and
they work perfectly to organize my busy little families socks.
I don't mind laundry but the sock situation was driving me nuts!!!!!
Now, I have one side for singles and one for couples.
I also have a pink swiffer.
Love it!

Next, I am going to work on getting my pantry and kitchen cabinets clean and under control.
I went back to the dollar tree for more pink totes and
they were out of the pink color I liked....hmmmm.....

I have firmly decided that finding cute and colorful ways
to clean and organize can make life function easier
and lift our spirits for boring household chores!
The dollar store is a great place to find
inexpensive household must haves.
Do you have any favorite organizing tips?
Please let me know how you "whistle while you work"
Happy Pink Saturday my darling friends!
I will be partying with ...

My Romantic Home
How Sweet the Sound

Big Squishy Hugs,

P.S. For those of us struggling with chronic pain, I am journaling about it here...

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