Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!
I am relaxing this morning with a cup of coffee before I start my very busy day! 
This week we have had my husbands father and family visiting for the first time from out of town. What a blessing it has been to have them travel the distance to spend time with us!
 My husband and I both come from divorced parents so as you can imagine there are some tricky situations for all of us. While playing hostess this week I realized something...
as a Christian, God has forgiven me...therefore we must forgive one another.
If we do not forgive, we run the risk of carrying around pain and anger that will overflow out of our hearts dumping bitterness into our lives and the people we love. My prayer is that you may take and dump your troubles to God and be refilled with his love, so that you may water the garden of your life with love, peace and happiness no matter what challenges befall you.

I recently finished the movie Wuthering Heights,by Emily Bronte, what an interesting story that was! I have been on a British Victorian movie kick of late and like most everything I do, I dive in head first! No minimalist here!
As fall approaches look for more pink and white pumpkins gracing my home!
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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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