Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mel's Pink Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to my sweet and beautiful friend Mel Watkin's Pink Christmas Palace home tour feature!
Mel has the most gorgeous Shabby Chic home in Australia and absolutely loves Pink Christmas!
Her eye for decorating and creating a magical dazzling holiday experience is one of a kind!
In Australia they do not have pink Christmas trees so Mel spray painted and flocked her own.
How Cool!

I am above and beyond honored to have many of my best wreaths, garlands, and 
pink Christmas ornaments grace Mel's tree and stunning home!
Lovely gorgeous pink lounge in her sitting room with the prettiest pink tree she displays in a white urn with Shabbydazzle pink poinsettia picks I made for her!
Mel is also a talented creator and has been making over pink Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and the one and only cutest pink elves you have ever seen!
Her latest craze this season has been pink nutcrackers!!
Beautiful doorway dressed up with Pink Nutty's Sugarplum Fairy nutcrackers, fanciful stockings, wreaths and the loveliest of pink Christmas trees!
Beautiful Pink Christmas vignette!
Ohh la la! 
An over the top dazzling pink Christmas Shabbydazzle mantle!

Lovely dining room setting!
Meet some of Mel's darling pink Mr. and Mrs. Claus pink Christmas dolls.
Beautiful light shade of pastel pinks and attention to detail is precious!
Vintage Pink Harold Gale Santa's stirring up some Pink Christmas sparkles!
Yummy over the top gorgeous pink Christmas tree featuring Shabbydazzle Victorian boots, reindeer and roses!

I am in love with these sweet Mrs. Claus dolls Mel and her Mum create! 
So very sweet!

 Mel and her Mum are quite the creative team this year making the absolute most beautiful of pink and white Christmas elves!
I was blessed to receive two as a gift from these creative ladies.
Oh there is sweet Ms. Snowy elf sparkling in her gorgeous white outfit trimmed in a darling white lace skirt!
Oh look at those cutie pies having a sweet treat party!
Of course one little elf darling has over done it and given herself a tummy ache, lol!
Mel and her Mum make the elves as gifts for their friends!
What a precious treasure!
Check back as I plan to do a whole post on the pink elf dolls and their shenanigans!
Last but not least Pink Princess Ms. Consuela is dressed up in her pink Santa elf suit and keeps all these pink Santa's and Christmas elves busy with preparations for the big day!
Santa Claus is coming to town soon!
Thank you for stopping by and joining in the Pink Christmas fun!
A huge thank you to Mel Watkins and her Mum for all the beautiful treasures they create to sparkle up the holidays! Thank you Mel for sharing your heart and your home with us all!
Merry Pink Christmas!!!

I am  partying with 

Hugs and Sparkles,


  1. OMGoodness! I went through these pictures 3 times! What a bounty of Pink Treasures. Absolutely beautiful!! I would love to see it in person. It would be like traveling back on a magical childhood adventure. Thanks, Olivia! xo Diana

  2. It is wonderful! So pretty, kind and rose room!

  3. Absolutely fabulous, love it all! !! Mel is so very talented, thanks for sharing! ♡♡♡♡ Lex

  4. Olivia, your pinks are fabulous. Ohhhh, the trees! Delightful. Because pink is my favorite color, I'm enamoured with your pink decorating! Love it! Fabulous job. Susan

  5. What a gorgeous pink wonderland! She has amazing talent.
    Thanks for sharing with us. Happy holidays!

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  7. i love ur blog.. so sweet.. a lots of pink color

  8. Hi I've just seen ur quaint amazing home!!
    So beautiful
    Do u by any chance sell the elves plse?
    Love Tracey xxxx

  9. I'm enchanted with your pink Christmas! I love it, and I want it!

  10. Would love to know where I can get some of these lovely creations? Does Mel have a store?

  11. Pink is my favorite color....I am so in love with your home...can I buy any of these ?
    Merry xmas...Mallory E

  12. WOW i just found this blog, and i do loooove everything i see.... and it is so very beautiful and total different.... and that is what i love! what a great job you all have done.

  13. any idea where the pink Santa in the first picture was acquired?

  14. Where would a person find the deer/reindeer that on the mantle behind the pink elf on a shelf?

  15. Love your pink girly elves. Where can I purchase one or can't I. I have lots of vintage boy elves but my granddaughters would love to see some girl ones o.k. the tree next year .

  16. WHere did you get the elfts in pink?

  17. I would love to buy some of your beautiful items like your cute pink elf on the shelfs can I buy them?? everything you touch is just beautiful

  18. Where do you get the pink elves I have never seend them do you make their clothes, amazing.

  19. I had an old tree the kind that never had lights on it. I used it last year with my topical theme. and I sprayed mine Aqua. I love it. So I can understand you doing the color you love.

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