Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shabby Pink Laundry Room
Happy Birthday Pink Saturday!
Since we are all domestic goddesses, why not
make our chores more glamorous and exciting!
I had paint left over from my pink powder I snuck in one more pink room! I can get away with this because I do all the laundry! Giggle!
I used a pretty curtain to create a window effect. Underneath the faux window I used a vintage pink linen to cover the ugly laundry hookups!

Of course every laundry room needs a touch of class with a chandy...I did not have one, but I created one by flipping over a vintage planter, painting it and stringing some shiny baubles from it! Cheap and cheerful! Babe painted the shabby garden sign and I tacked up and old lacy tablecloth to give it a dreamy effect!

To the left I used an old shabby metal cabinet for storage!

I also used this darling vintage tea towel to hide the dryer hose...
This little shelf with fringe and vintage linen are hiding the plug in cords! I love this little heart it says,
"Pland seeds of happiness wherever you may go"...
A little paint and some waving of my Shabby wand and the laundry
 chore has become a little more delightful!
Well I am off to do a little fluffing around the house!
Big squishy hugs for
for letting all of us pink lovin domestic divas get together!
Happy Pinky Saturday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet Shabby Hatbox!
Hello Friends! I am so excited to show and tell you about this beautiful bit of eye candy!
I found this beautiful hatbox creation in one of my favorite flea markets! Alas it was too much for my shabby budget... imagine my surprise and delight when this booth posted a sign for 50% off! SQUEAL!!!!

The Hatboxes are layered and wrapped in ribbon
with the prettiest handmade roses sprinkled all over the top!
In Rachel Aswell's new book she shows a giant hat box creation with all white ribbons made to look like a cake... of course I wanted to try to craft one, but I thought this creation was beautiful and for the price perfect (plus a lot less work for under $10 who can beat this!!)
I thought it would go perfectly on this beautiful white cake stand that I found at a garage sale where everything else was SUPER EXPENSIVE!
(they said $2 on the cake stand...I paid and silently whooped for JOYand did the happy jig!)
Of course this cake stand found its home in my dining room...
maybe I will bake a cake to show you,
What sounds good?
Something summery and yummy...
I hope you enjoyed this delightful little Shabby Treasure!
A special thank you to Cindy at
Romantic Homes
for hosting Show and Tell Friday!
Squishy Hugs,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweet Cardinal Couple~
My last post was about this super cool birdfeeder Babe built.
There is a Romantic Cardinal couple that feeds at it....they are so sweet to each other the male is always carefully feeding the female...even though the feeder is large and she could do it herself...ohhhhhh

They are always together, sometimes he flies off but not for long...

Here they are together again...he is in front of her a bit...

I am going to name them...can you think of any tweet ideas for their names?

I hope to get some more pictures, not through my kitchen window,
but I just had to share how cute these two are!
Have a lovely day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Romantic Birdfeeder~
We have the lovliest Cardinal couple that feeds in our backyard, so my husband decided to build a birdfeeder for them! They are so sweet to each other, he is always getting food for her and feeding her, they are oh so darling to watch!
I have not been able to snap a picture yet of the two of them but here is a picture of their cool handmade feeder...

Babe built this feeder out of misc
 wooden parts of chairs and old furniture we
have collected...

Isn't he a hottie!
He used old tin for the top and old spindly furniture pieces for the sides...

I am so amazed at what a talented builder Babe is...

I promise to post pictures of our darling Cardinal couple as soon as I can!
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As always thank you for stopping by and letting me share with you!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Take a load off Annie...
I have a confession...I have been junk haulin treasure hunting ALL day!
This means I have found some seriously cool treasures, but it means my house is in a shambles! GIGGLE~ I promise you I am trying to pull it all back together, but I am distracted...
do you ever clean and redecorate at the same time?
 I decided to take a load off Annie. SHEW... lets enjoy some pinks and a late cup of coffee...
I am redecorating my living room with more white and sprinkles of pink...

A close up of my pretty pink rose clippy nestled in between these oh so fabulous to die for old French white metal statues...Ahhh imagine my delight and twinkling of my toes when I found these two goodies...

This display is in my living room I added this vintage window and topped it with a really pretty OLD shabby platter...
I found this platter at one of my favorite thrift stores, they only charged me .50 cents... I thought "oh cheap" it must not be worth anything...imagine my surprise to find out it is really old and pretty valuable...

Well, Happy Pink Saturday my little people need me and well my house will have to get some love later...
Squishy pink hugs to Beverly for letting all of us pinkies come together.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...
The shabby white mirror makeover gets me everytime!
I am like a little kid that has seen a magie trick! I love these mirrors they remind me of Snow White.  I found this little gem for $2 at a super ritzy neighborhood garage sale...imagine my surprise when I flipped it over and the back said Made in Italy, enough reason for me to keep it and take something different into the booth. Giggle!

This was my little diamond in the rough before the primping and fluffing at the Shabtastic Beauty Salon...
I unscrewed the mirror from the back and brushed it up with regular old latex paint which is fine if you plan on distressing it, which is what I did with this one.

I found a place for the mirror by my front door.
I am fascinated with wedding veils, and I sprinkle them in with all of the rest of my whites...
this veil kept making its way into the picture...

I loved the shape and size this mirror came in...perfect for nearly every space!

Oh la la! I hope you enjoyed this delightful eye candy!
A big thank you to Cindy at for hosting Friday's Show and tell!
Please stop by to see more fabulous Show and Tell stories!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh So Shabby Front Porch!
Hello! Welcome to my sweet wicker white front porch!
 Lets take a break and chat a while....

I was lucky enough to find this darling wicker set for free at our local church thrift store.
Imagine my excitement!!!
 I was so excited I wacked my head on the car several times while loading it, I had to make two trips the pieces were really large!

So nice to have a spot outside to relax, wiggle my toes and listen to the little birds....

Oh summer is almost here! I am ready for lemonade and a dip in the pool!
Thank you for stopping by for a little chat on my front porch.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Hole in my Sole...
Hello Friends! Thank you for stopping by!
Sit down and take a moment....would you care for coffee or tea? I have something to share with you...

Rachel Ashwell posted this artist on her blog....a painting by Lisa Dirkes...

It made me think about the hole in my soul that I asked God to fill...

God filled the hole in my soul with his peace and love...
and then he brought me all of you wonderful new friends on my blog!
Saturday to my delight I recieved this beautiful package in the mail from Susan over at I won her darling giveaway!
It came wrapped in the most beautiful rose paper with all of these shabby rose treasures!
Ohhh La La...I instantly started fluffing and finding a home for all of these goodies...
I was so touched at her thoughtfullness...I was also inspired and made these cutie signs with some of the rose paper that sweet Susan packed my treasures in...

I never dreamed that I would find such sweet, lovely and inspiring people
through my little blog... but what a blessing it has been!
Thank you Susan for the pretty gifts...
Thank you for taking time to let me share my heart with you...
Thank you God for filling my teacup with such inspiration, beauty and friendship!
A sweet thank you to Lady Katherine  and
 Martha @ for partying through the week!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shabby Chic Curtain and Chandelier!
Happy Pink Saturday! Today, I want to share you some of the pinks in my kitchen! Above the sink I added 2 poufy Shabby Chic Curtains. I replaced our boring standard light with a Shabfabulous Chandelier! I also painted and distressed two old shutters to give a little more privacy in my backyard but still allow the pretty view!

 I layered a white valance over a
Shabby Chic Rose Print...ohhhhhhh la la, love the pouf and fluff!
 A close up of the chandelier, I mixed the original crystals with some I had to make it look fuller, eventually I will use all drop crystals...
To the left of the sink I hung some pretty plates I got at a church sale for next to nothing!

I have been dying for a faux cake or cupcake but they are too pricey for my tiny budget...although I did find this darling rasberry tart for $1!!!!

I also would like to use these pretty rose knobs on my kitchen cabinets...but when my husband hung the pinky chandelier he said ,"his buddies will probably beat him for this one" , giggle he was totally kidding, he always makes me laugh and so sweetly lets me decorate however I like! Swoon!

Well thank you for letting me share my Shabtastic kitchen with you! A big squishy hug goes out for Beverly at
for letting all of us Pinkys get together!  I also just got invited to party at  she does alot of DIY and is a sweet friend!
I am off to find some junk to haul or paint something pink

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