Saturday, December 4, 2010

Romantic Country "No Sew" Stocking

In one of my Romantic Country magazine issues I read about how to make a Christmas stocking the now sew way!
You know this tickled my fancy since I do not sew yet! I had some sweet Shabby quilted fabric leftover from my curbside chair redo, so I decided to give this project a whirl!
I laid a sock over the quilted material to get an eyeball for the shape and then hot glued the edges leaving the top part open.
I trimmed the right side with a pretty country lace and added a burlap and lace bow to the bottom with a button topper. (I used all hot glue) So much faster and for a decorative stocking it gets good results, by all means, if I could sew this I would! The mini stocking shown below was sewn, i just added the fluff!

This is the cute curbside chair that I shabbied pink and made a new seat for!
So country chic!
 The chippy Hoosier cabinet is the perfect backdrop for that Romantic Country feel!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Please stop by sweet Beverly's for more pretty pinks...

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