Monday, December 13, 2010

Kitchen Jar made VINTAGE FABULOUS! (Tutorial)

If you are thrifty and like to re-purpose everyday household 
items check out this fabulous idea for your glass food jars!
You will need~
Clean glass jar, lace trim and ribbon scraps, burlap scraps, button, adhesive spray, vintage music paper, hot glue and vintage pictures.
Step 1~ Spray the back of your picture using your adhesive spray (outside over a piece of cardboard) to the back of the picture and then hold firmly to the glass jar. I used a large piece of lace to hold the picture on while the spray dried. (Your fingers will get sticky, do not panic).
Step 2~ Hot glue lace trim around the edges of the vintage picture. 
(This step helped me cover any loose picture edges)
Step 3~ Tie a pretty bow with ribbon, layer the bows or ribbon scraps with burlap and then add a cute button in the center!
Step 4~ Roll up a couple of pieces of vintage music paper and tape a tiny piece of tape on edge to keep them rolled. You can also tie the paper with a thin piece of string or ribbon.
You can get very creative with this project and even personalize it for a friend or family member! 
These are also fabulous for storing crafty items such as~buttons, papers, ribbons, florals and glitter.
I love working with old black and white photos. To me, something always seems a bit mysterious about the folks in the photos old fashioned style and way of dress. Their mannerisms and expressions always make me want to know a little bit more about them.
The first old photo album we bought, my husband and I went so far as to try to find the family whose album we came across so we could return it.
Don't you just love finding ways to fluff up your everyday items?!
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