Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Cottage Lampshades!

Hello Darling friends! I wanted to share with you some pics of my wild and wonky lampshade creations!
This lampshade I created out of an old birdcage!
It is by far my favorite! I use a pretty ruffled valance to cast a soft lighted
glow and it also added a romantic touch!

This lampshade was FUNKY and fun with vintage skeleton keys!

A lace creation, very wonky!

My newest ruffles in the living room found at a flea market!

Feathers are a must in any Shabby boudoir!

Below is my latest ruffled lampshade...a bit wonky!

An antique lampshade creation! One of my faves!

For this one I used a wire pumpkin, flipped it upside down and draped a linen over the top!

My memory lamp, a pretty flea market find!
Thank you for stopping by my sweets!
I hope your day is lovely and blessed!

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