Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Darling Vintage mirrors!

2 sweet vintage wedding veils~

Just some of the darling found treasures for the week~ I will bring them to the booth on Friday!

Oh my it has been a wonderful day! I volunteered at my son's school in the morning and totally made over my little booth in the afternoon! I marked a ton of stuff down so I can shop for new goodies! I have to support the habit. I cannot tell you the luck I have had in thrifting... some truly wonderful finds, I will share them soon! I am becoming so taken with vintage wedding apparel~A romantic at heart!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Above is my darling new laundry room! Below is the lackluster before picture.

My new Laundry motivation! Keeping it looking pretty!


I am so so so excited about my new Pretty in Pink Laundry room! I spend so much time doing laundry I might as well enjoy it! Well, this is motivating me to stay on top of the big bad laundry pile! I painted the walls a soft pink called Kanuck I used this vintage shelf to cover the hot water heater. My once messy sock basket is concealed in a darling rose embellished hat box. Of course it would not be shabby without some pretty crushed roses and a dangling planter chandelier! What fun this was... next up my kitchen! Well, I hope you enjoy this little eye candy treat!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Huge praise for such a beautiful day! The sun is shining the birds are singing and my toddler is about to be sleeping! Well, I stocked my flea market booths today and now it is time for a little play with paint! Of course I am thinking pink! Who would guess? Anyway, I have taken before pictures of my very plain and boring laundry room... stay tuned for some after pics! Ta Ta for now!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Well, today I am ramping up the energy to tackle painting my laundry room. I spend alot of time standing there staring at very ugly pipes, shelving and a giant water heater. I think it deserves to be decorated! Don't you agree? Anyway, I am thinking of painting it pink, why not... it is used by me 90% of the time! I am trying not to cause trauma to the men in my life (hubby and sons) by making everything to fu fu, but when I ask them what they think they usually don't even look and they say it looks great! My son told me that if I like it he likes it! Phew... these men really don't notice as long as there is a place to crash, clean clothes and plenty of food. Love my boys! Anyway, I am going to take some before pics of my laundry room and share them. Have a good afternoon and God Bless!
Oh yes and I am having a big big sweets craving! Don't these cupcakes look yummy!

My Romantic Cottage!

~Good morning it is a glorious day! I have wanted to have a blog for some time and it is easier than I thought. I love all things romantic, old and shabby chic so I will be sharing pictures of my home as I transform it. I also have 2 flea market booths and I will share ideas and pictures from them as well! I hope you enjoy this lovely day. Hugs.

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