Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bella Pink Bunny

Hello lovelies!
Meet Bella Bunny....
 When I found her, I fell in love. 
I trimmed out her ears with the sweetest vintage laces.
Of course Bella Bunny needed some pink and sparkling friends!
Isn't she sweet! Right now I have her on my mantle.
Have a beautiful and blessed week.
I also want to thank you for stopping by, I read and treasure every comment.
It is a busy time right now for me as a mommy and my hubby is starting a new job and I am moving more to online sales from my flea market booths.
 I have also opened up a new Olivia's Romantic Home Facebook page dedicated to all things pink and sparkly!
Don't forget to click the big F to see lots of pretty in pinks on Facebook!

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Big hugs and sparkles,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shabbydazzle Birdhouse

Hello lovelies!
It has been a wonderful blessed week with my little ones on Spring Break!
Mr. Romantic found this birdhouse for me and I could not resist adding my Shabbydazzle magical rose and lace over the top transformation!
  Beautiful ruffles for the sweetest feathered nest!
  Blooming roses over the top!
 Oooohhh la la over the top Victorian Birdhouse!
So sweet for spring! 
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 Have a beautiful and blessed week!
Hugs and sparkles,

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shabbydazzle Doll Stands

Hello lovelies!
This week my lovely friend Mel, ordered a stand for her vintage pink Harold Gale Santa Doll, "Mr. Pink Sparkle Pants"

 Meet Mel's Mr. Pink Sparkle Pants!!!!
Isn't he just the cutest ever!
I know all of you ladies are going crazy over him!
I am positive he is bringing me pink jewels for Pink Christmas this year.
This will be his stand he will be displayed on....

I think they also look great for displaying anything and everything Princess, such as: candles, cherub florals, Santas, dolls, teddy bears or a collage of pretties!
I have also been working on some over the top gorgeous journals and cherub florals!
I am so blessed to get to create beautiful treasures for all of my lovely ladies!!!!
So happy to play with the frou frou all week!
My sweet little daughter had her kindergarten circus performance this week and now she is acting out the play with her bears and bunnies and she needs my assistance so off I go!!!!
Have a beautiful and blessed week!

Partying with 

Big squishy hugs,

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