Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Shabby Chic Flea Market Booths!

Hello lovelies!
I am blessed beyond words to stay home with my kids and run my
 little flea market booths for extra income!
I paint and decorate alot of furniture and what nots!
I am also crazy about Hollywood glamour so, I have added so vintage style black and whites.
My daughter goes to pre-school 3 mornings / week, so that is when I work on 
stocking and rearranging.
I work on projects at home but mostly it's family time.
I adore vintage linens and I use alot of whimsical curtains to decorate with!
 Painted frames and mirrors are an easy sell...there I am snapping pics,
I am working on two more of these chairs and I really want to keep them for my dining room
...I mean really!!!!
I'm not sure the light pink would survive the kids!!!
Any ideas on protecting fabric from lots of little kid eating traffic?
 As always thank you for stopping by, I adore all of your comments!
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Big Squishy Hugs,


  1. I want to come shop at your booth...so many things I adore!


  2. I love your booth. I am also thinking of getting a booth, but I live in a small rural town of maybe 600, not sure how it would go over, but there's alot of hunters and they usually bring their wives! :)

  3. Your booth is lovely Olivia! I'd love to do something like this for some extra income:)

  4. I love your booth--I would be drawn right to it. Janae and I would probably be in there forever--of course I was drawn to your blog so it makes sense. It is so good that you can stay home with your kids and have this booth. Some of us are lucky that way :) Someday I want to have a booth too.

  5. Hi Olivia,
    I love your booth. You have set it up so nice. I must compliment you on being able to manage a booth and all the work that goes with it and at the same time taking care of a family. It's a lot of hard work.

    I'd love to shop there someday.


  6. Olivia I am coveting your pretty booths! I would love to be able to do nothing else but sell at a flea market. I know you work hard, and with your family is cherished time. I am so happy you can be there for your children.

  7. Your booth is fabulous, tons of goodies with out being cluttered. As far as kiddies and furniture, I guess that's why our grandparents used plastic covers LOL!


  8. Beautiful! Beautiful! Love your booth, as far as the chairs, all I can say is Plastic! he, he,

  9. Ooo I love this blog! I am following now! I just opened a booth in an antiques mall back in January and its been wonderful. It is great that you get all the family time and still get to work the booth.

    Stop by and visit sometime!
    Amber @junkaholicsunanimous

  10. I love your booth and your blog, i am following now.



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