Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pink Candy Cane Tutorial

 Hello my darlings!
I had the most fantastic day crafting with my ultra fabulous Shabby bestie, Lorena!
The sparkles were flying as we turned inexpensive candy canes into magical pink Christmas treats!
I adore crafting, but crafting with a friend is even more fun! 
We gathered our supplies and let the sparkles fly!
~Candy Canes 
~Pink and White Satin ribbon
~Pearl trimming
~Hot glue gun and glues sticks
~Pearls, roses, beads, bling and ribbons for the bow

 Step 1
Glue your satin ribbon to the base of your candy cane and begin winding it up to the top.
You may want to add a dab of glue after about every three or four winding of your ribbon.
When you get to the top trim off your ribbon and glue it to the top. 
I add a pretty rhinestone bling to each end of the candy cane to fancy it up and cover the red and 
 white end.

 Step 2
 Glue white satin ribbon or pearl trimming at the bottom and wind up and glue at the top.
Leave room as your winding to make it look like the candy cane stripe.
To make your candy cane even more blinged up and fancy add a bow with laces, roses and pearls.

 We created several different styles with our trimmings!
They turned out so adorable!
Fun inexpensive way to add that pink sparkling touch to your Pink Christmas holiday home!
Thank you for stopping by and joining in our pink Christmas holiday fun!
Hugs and sparkles,

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