Thursday, August 25, 2011

Darling Teacup Candlelights!

Hello my darling friends!
I have been working on more pretty teacup candle lights!

I find that creating pretty things settles my soul...
Dainty teacups, roses, crystals, and lace draw a smile to my face.
An angel peaking out from underneath a delicate Limoges teacup is just
too darling for me to resist.
Cupid Limoges Teacup candlelight $20
I created Marie Antoinette style lacy tags to dress up these darling creations even more!
I find there are times I get a bit blue by the things in life
that are painful...hugging my lovely darling husband and children, creating pretties, breathing in the color pink and praying like crazy soothe the
sadness in me and give me hope that the next day will hold a touch of pretty!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Please check my Etsy shop for some of these delightful pretties, enter coupon code SHABBY to receive a generous 30 % off discount.

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Squishy Hugs,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fabulous Shabby Etsy Sale!

Hello Dahlin Friends!

I'm going to have a sale in my Etsy Shop!

Whoo Hoo!

Enter Coupon Code SHABBY

Big Squishy hugs!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gorgeous New Shabby Faux Fabric Cakes!

Hello Darling Friends! I have been at it again!
Recycling foam to make these darling faux cakes!

I think they are so pretty displayed on my cake platter and
they do not make me fluffy as my real chocolate does!

If you have the patience...this is such a fun afternoon (in the comfort of home) project.

So pretty with clusters of roses and other pretty delightful flowers!
I typed a tutorial for these just click on the purple "tutorial"
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Big Squishy Hugs,

Monday, August 15, 2011

Shabby Painted Tip Pine cones

It's that time of year are going back to school, leaves are falling and I am trying to get a jump start on my Shabby painted pine cones!

For this batch I used jumbo pine cones my dad collected for me from
Clearsprings (my childhod home).
I brush painted the tips of the pine cones with country white and some with English Meadow Green.

I love how cute they look just piled up in this old chippy childs chair!
I love to put a Shabby spin on Holiday favorites!
I want to do some fluffy pink ones too...maybe add some glitter!
What do you do with your pinecones?


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fabulous Shabby Rag Wreath and Pink Tea Party!

Hello Darling Friends!
With the holidays around the corner this is a fun inexpensive way to
fluff up your Shabby Cottage decor with a cute wreath!

The burlap is so hot right now and I think it just makes this wreath!

This is sooo easy and fun!
I used some old stained pillowcases and valances that I tea stained.
Wire Hanger
Old fabric or ribbon
Glue Gun
Emebellishments (I used a lace and burlap rosette)
Step 1~ Bend your wire hanger into a circle
Step 2~Cut alot of (150 or so) 6 inch strips of fabric

Step 3~ Tie fabric on fluff it, push it close to each piece to make it full.
Step 4~Bend hanger loop over to make a small circle at top and add rags.
Then using your lace make a pretty fluffy rosette and hot glue to the top.
I added a smaller burlap rosette to the top of center lace piece.

Hope you love this cheap and easy tutorial!
If you make one let me see!
Send a picture or link to my email at
Now, my sweet friends you simply have to stop by and say hi to JOY at
Markers Miracle and Me
She is having the most fabulous of all tea parties
in her darling pink home! She is just a true angel and I know ya'll will love her!
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the FABULOUS Beverly at How Sweet the Sound!
Please click on the link below it is a very special giving back link party and ALL you have to do is comment! Amazing stuff is happening for miracle makeovers! This weekend is Charlie's big reveal!!!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Staunch Coffee Stained Tag Tutorial

Hello lovlies!
Today I am sharing with you an easy and fun tutorial
on coffee stained tags!
Cookie pan
Imitation Vanilla (optional)
Hole Punch
Ribbon or String

Step 1~ Place folder on pan. Pour a cup full of coffee on folder.
Step 2~ Swirl coffee around on folder until all of the folder is covered.
Step 3~ Add a touch of imitation vanilla. (Optional)
Step 4~Put coffee folder on pan in oven for about 10-15 minutes or until all of the coffee is absorbed and the folder is dry.
Step 5~Take folder off of pan and let cool. Cut into tag shape and add ribbon. Embellish as desired!

So, I believe this is the costume for the day a bit of lace and coffee
together make a darling and unexpected primitive Shabby Chic style tag!

Much more stylish than your ordinary plain white tag.
I have been making these for the last two years to put on my
Shabby Chic at Cadwell's Flea Market Booth tags!

Squishy hugs,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yummy Vintage Pinks

Happy Pink Saturday!
Hello my sweet darling friends!
It is still hot as a frying pan here...but I have found a cool spot on my back porch to take pictures! These little crafty cakes are deelish but the real show stopper is the fabulous vintage cake pan I found this week!
You know this darling cake pan was love at first sight!

Ok my sugar sweet friends...I need to get busy crafting so I can make some money honey!
Have a lovely Pink Saturday!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Cottage Lampshades!

Hello Darling friends! I wanted to share with you some pics of my wild and wonky lampshade creations!
This lampshade I created out of an old birdcage!
It is by far my favorite! I use a pretty ruffled valance to cast a soft lighted
glow and it also added a romantic touch!

This lampshade was FUNKY and fun with vintage skeleton keys!

A lace creation, very wonky!

My newest ruffles in the living room found at a flea market!

Feathers are a must in any Shabby boudoir!

Below is my latest ruffled lampshade...a bit wonky!

An antique lampshade creation! One of my faves!

For this one I used a wire pumpkin, flipped it upside down and draped a linen over the top!

My memory lamp, a pretty flea market find!
Thank you for stopping by my sweets!
I hope your day is lovely and blessed!

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