Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bella Pink Bunny

Hello lovelies!
Meet Bella Bunny....
 When I found her, I fell in love. 
I trimmed out her ears with the sweetest vintage laces.
Of course Bella Bunny needed some pink and sparkling friends!
Isn't she sweet! Right now I have her on my mantle.
Have a beautiful and blessed week.
I also want to thank you for stopping by, I read and treasure every comment.
It is a busy time right now for me as a mommy and my hubby is starting a new job and I am moving more to online sales from my flea market booths.
 I have also opened up a new Olivia's Romantic Home Facebook page dedicated to all things pink and sparkly!
Don't forget to click the big F to see lots of pretty in pinks on Facebook!

This week I am partying with 

Big hugs and sparkles,

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