Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Shabby Pink Laundry Room!

Hello my sweet darling friends!
I painted my powder room pink and had leftover paint,
so I used it in my laundry room!

Nothin real fancy with the decor, just junkin finds.
Makes my daily laundry chore "happy"!
It has been over 100 degrees here and our air conditioner is broke.
We have some window units so we are ok, but it's too hot to do much outside!
I have been crafting up some very pretty little Shabby baubles to embellish stuff with...

Happy Pink Saturday to all of my lovelies! Stay Cool!

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Squishy Hugs,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vintage Romantic Rose Window

Oh how I love junk and roses!
I created this wall hanging out of an old window and then cut a piece of rose fabric to fit the back of the window!
I used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the back!
I am learning how to use the hubbys drill!
Notice the darling WONKY crooked drawer pull I attached at the bottom!
For the love of SHABBY, (power tools HATE me)
 This is a Ralph Lauren rose fabric print!
I adore the boldness of the flowers!
Probably a bit out of control for the dining room...but I love it!
Decorate from the heart I say!
Thank you for all the folks that clicked like on my Facebook Junkin page!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shabby Chic Lampshade

While out junkin I found this gorgeous ruffled lampshade!
For a Shabby Chic lover this is pure heaven. 
I have a favorite corner table in my living room that is always looking smart. 
 I am very laid back but there are some things I am fussy about! 
Lighting is one of eyes are sensitive and bright lights bother me, this lampshade casts the perfect glow!
I am a huge Rachel Ashwell fan, I found one of her older books. 
I adore her style but I'm stuck in a time warp, I like her older books better.
Does that mean I am getting older, I do feel my style changing but I'm not sure it will ever be that simplified. If there is a shelf, table or mantel I fill it! Giggle!
I am opening up my Flea Market booth to social networking...
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This is my head to toe garage sale dress and thrift store shirt! 
Total cost $2
Gotta love vintage chic!
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Have a lovely weekend!
Squishy hugs,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fabulous Cheap Cabinet Jewelry Holder !

 The hubby and I were out junkin and he found a set of cabinet doors for $1.
I set to work shabbying them up with some white paint, sanded around the edges to make them look chippy, attached a pretty piece of scrapbook paper to the center for color and then a vintage handle to hang the jewelry on.
I finished one, hung it in my pink bathroom adorned with my vintage jewels!
I used an old door handle for the jewel hook.
Attaching this handle was the hardest part because I had a screw issue and it was 110 degrees outside where I was struggling with the drill and screws!
There are a million different ways you could fluff up this cabinet! 
I think some clear shabby knobs would be darling too!
I am thrifty cheap and just used what I total cost was $1.
As I folded towels yesterday, I became flustered as to the terrible shabby condition of my towels!
Not a big deal for me, but I am having company this weekend and holy towels will not do!
I posted about my towel dilema on facebook and was told to check TJ Maxx and Wal-Mart.
I found the prettiest pink towels on sale at TJ Maxx! $1-$5 SCORE!
Of course I chose pink and as I happily jumped in the car my hubby said "is that pink I see " , he had to tease me, but I think he will be happy that he does not have to position the bath towel just right to stay covered YIKES (because of the holes)!
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Shabby Home Photo Session

My sister , Gabby, got an amazing new camera and came over yesterday to do a photo session at my Shabby Home!
Gabby has a natural talent with photography and takes the coolest angles of pictures!
My pretty princess decked out in a vintage pink hat!
  She caught me posing! Giggles!
 She got a new Nikon D3100 Camera! 
 I am in love with the clarity of this camera!
 This camera takes the prettiest photos!
 Click like on her GKR Photography Facebook Page to see more amazing pictures!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vintage Glamour Cases

I have a love affair with painting and fluffing vintage suitcases!
I just finished these two vintage Marilyn Monroe glamour cases and they are by far my favorites!
I will be featuring the young and fabulous Marilyn Monroe in my booth at Cadwell's Flea Market!
I would love to make a couple more for myself to store magazines and other treasures in! 
 These old suitcases are decieving...many times they have been stored well with beautiful interiors, but their outside color makes me want to run for the hills. 
An easy transformation using paint, spray adhesive and a pretty picture!
I brush paint mine with three coats or you can use spray paint.
Use a pretty vintage piece of lace or scarf to wrap the handle in.
 Marilyn is just fabulous and makes for such a glamorous suitcase!
Notice the young Marilyn Monroe on the pink suitcase her eyes are bright as she gets more famous Marilyn's eyes change.
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Big squishy hugs,

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