Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Shabby Chic Spring wreaths

Hello precious friends!
I am sooooo excited to be creating beautiful new Spring wreaths and bunnies for my Etsy shop!
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I am also super excited to have purchased the Pro Bow the Hand bow maker!
It is truly a game changer for my bows and saves my hands from cramping!
I am a full time creator of beautiful treasures and I also have widespread nerve damage so this handy tool is absolutely amazing!
Here are the first two bows I created using my new 
Pro Bow the Hand bow maker!
 This particular bow is called the Terri bow! 
To create this bow you use three different ribbons. 
I absolutely love how pretty and full it comes out. 

 This is my first bow using the Pro Bow the Hand
They have some really great teaching videos on their website making beautiful bows!

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