Saturday, September 21, 2013

Shabby Chic Pink Pumpkin Fall

 Hello my sweet and beautiful friends!!!!
I have been at it again, decorating and sparkling everything up in pinks and whites!
My Pumpkins are no exception as I wave my Shabbydazzle wand their way! 
Here I have for you a collection of my pastel Shabby Chic Pink Fall displays....

 This is my very unspooky mantel. 
The weather is turning cool here and we have a big busy weekend of football games!
Take care and may God bless and protect you!
Hugs and sparkles,

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bedside Table Turned Laundry Hamper

Hello my darlings! 
Mr. Romantic is at it again!

This time he had the brilliant idea to turn a little bedside table into a laundry hamper!
I just LOVE this man!!!
First he took the drawers of my bedside table out and took the top of the table off too.
Then he took hinges and attached them to the top, so it would open up for me.
He screwed the front of the drawers on so it would look like a little table.
 I have been using it for about a month and it works great and looks so cute!
Since I have more of a laundry closet instead of a laundry room, anything that saves space is AWESOME!!
Hope you all are having a beautiful blessed week!


Big squishy hugs, 

Pink Christmas Mantel

Hello my darlings! 
I hope you all have had a beautiful and blessed week!
I have been working on more beautiful Shabbydazzle florals for my pink Christmas ladies.
I dressed up my living room for a Pink Christmas garland photo shoot that I created!

I have also been working on some darling Shabbydazzle Holiday wreaths....
Here is a Snowlady Wreath creation....
As I have been busy in my little studio and running the kids to school, sports, friends houses etc....
I feel as if God is asking me to take some time and slow down.
I have been reading some really wonderful devotionals first thing in the morning and that has really helped me start my day out in God's, grace, love and joy. 
Here is a link to Girlfriends in God.
Did you know that Jesus asks us to give our worries to him?
(Luke 12:24-26) When we consider the ways that God has provided in the past, it helps us to trust Him in the present.
 Dear Lord, I know I need to step away from my emotions, expectations and plans. I want Your perspective, Your dreams and Your responses to be mine. Cover me again with grace, order my steps and equip me fresh with Your Spirit. In Jesus’s Name I pray, Amen.
(Prayer courtesy: Girlfriend's In God)


Have a gorgeous weekend my sweet friends!
Big squishy hugs,

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