Sunday, September 16, 2018

August Cottage of the Month~ Sandy Lulabelles Fluffy Ruffles

 Hello lovelies!
Our Cottage of the Month for August is my beautiful friend Sandy at LulaBelle's Fluffy Ruffles visit Sandy in her Etsy Shoppe at Mylulabelles.
Sandy is an amazing artist who creates treasures fit for a Queen!
She has blessed us with a peek inside her gorgeous home and I just cannot get enough of her love of antique rose dishes!
How absolutely stunning and breathtaking is this collection...oohh la la!

 A walkway of pink florals sets the tone for a magical home visit!

 There are no words to describe the beauty of Sandy's collection!~
I am truly in awe!

A HUGE thank you to my beautiful friend Sandy for sharing her heart and her art with us!
Check out the full video tour set to relaxing piano music on my YouTube channel!
Have a beautiful blessed day!

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