Thursday, April 29, 2010

Living Room Armoire Reveal!
Thank you Cindy at for hosting Show and Tell Friday!
 I am going to show and tell my pretty new Armoire!
I have been going crazy trying to find a cabinet/armoire
to conceal my giant un shabby tv in my living room!
 I finaaly found this $10 broken armoire at a tag sale! Do you see the potential?
 (ignore my garage messy studio in the background).
Before Makeover Pic~
1.I removed the doors and wood glued the broken one back together.
2. I primed the entier cabinet with a REALLY good primer.
3. I put 2 coats of white latex paint on the entire thing, inside outside and the back.
4.After painting I put doors back on and spray painted knobs and hardware.
WAAA LAAAA! A pretty shabby cabinet!

Before Makeover Pic~
Below is the big giant ugly black box I want to conceal!

 Swoon worthy in my opinion!
 Especially once I add some pretty shabby chic details!
I am jumping up and down over the ability to close the doors on the TV!
A Pretty Picture of my Living Room....
not done yet, but much better don't ya think!
My husband remarked when he got home tonight...WOW
the living room is officially shabbed out!
We did have to sacrifice our 42 " tv for a 25 " tv our big one
was a couple of inches too small to my family's dismay... I thought my
husband would be upset but he acted like he really did not mind?!
(Although, when we changed it out he seemed a bit irritable, maybe it was
because I dropped the giant tv on my finger and I acted like a big baby, but it was really heavy!)
This is the other side of my living room.
I really am wishing I had big beautiful fluffy white sofas or slipcovers,
 but for now the pretty chenille blankets will have to work.
If I can wait patiently for an armoire I can wait for two large slipcovers
at a next to nothing price....remember I am on a budget!
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