Monday, July 30, 2012

Shabby Whites

Photos Courtesy GKR Photography
My darling sister at GKR Photography is in town and is shooting some photos of my family and home! 
The clarity of her photos REALLY make me want to look into getting a nicer camera.
These are my old French Statues that I found at a tag sale.
I believe they are some type of end posts that were used at the base of the stairs.
 And of course my beautiful baby doll...
and me.
 More pics coming!
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shabby Craft Room Recycled Coffee Can Tutorial

Hello lovelies! 
I have been organizing my craft supplies.
I love all of the adorable organizers one can find at Michael's.
However, I am thrifty and wanted to figure out a way to organize my craft supplies without spending any money!
 I decided to create my own cute containers using empty  grocery cans!

Photo courtesy GKR Photography

Grocery Can Tutorial:
Photo courtesy GKR Photography

Clean grocery cans
Adhesive Spray
Pretty Fabric

Step 1

Apply adhesive spray to outside of can in small sections.
Lay fabric on adhesive sprayed section and gently smooth
 fabric to get most of the wrinkles out. 
Continue to work your way around the entire can spraying and then laying fabric until you meet up with your original starting point.

Step 2
 Trim top and bottom of fabric around can edges.
I left the edges a bit frayed for the shabby look but you can tuck and glue fabric if you like a polished look.
If the can does not have a peel off label and you are using a light colored fabric that shows lettering through the fabric,
 you can apply a second layer of fabric and repeat step 1.

Step 3 
Using your hot gun add a ribbon or trim around the edge.
Add fabric rosettes to tie in your colors and give your can that extra bit of Shabby fabulous punch!
Add your favorite creating supplies such as; paintbrushes, floral wire, scissors, pens, glue sticks, crystals etc!
Photo courtesy of GKR Photography

Photo courtesy of GKR Photography
Thank you for stopping by!
If you have cute organizing ideas leave a comment or email me
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Shabby Chic Bedroom

Hello my lovelies!
Guess what I found at our local library thrift store???
A like NEW Shabby rose sheet set!
I REALLY want a Shabby Chic comforter!
Until I get one, I am using the flat sheet laid on top of my old comforter!
The flat sheet works pretty good on top and it is nice and light for summer!
I also used a ruffled bed skirt to create this canopy!
In the corner of bedroom I used a cool old mirror
layered in front of a vintage door.
 (FREE garage sale score)
To get the mirror up to the right height I used a pretty chair 
that I made over in Shabby white with a pink tshirt seat.
I love vintage wedding veils.
I let the veils trail down the side of the mirror!
Thank you for stopping by! 
I am off to do some crafting!
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shabby Budget Organizing

Hello my lovelies!
Clutter control patrol is on the loose in my bathroom.
The challenge?
My bathroom is where everybody in the house gets ready.
It only has two spots to store bathroom essentials. 
Also, I wanted to be thrifty and use what I already had to make this work!
For daily essentials I used jelly jars with labeled Shabby Chic Tags from Michael's (12 pk for $1).
I already had these jars and my dear friend Lorena gave me this pk of tags.
Aren't they cute?!?!?!
 Next, I used a hanging organizer behind my bathroom door 
to store bathroom essentials that constantly got lost in bins under the sink!
I labeled each pocket so everybody knows where to find an item 
and where it needs to go when they are done using it.
 Underneath my sink always looks like a bomb went off
 because my towels were always mixed together, jumbled and falling out.
I used two baskets that I already had and then I used a 
cute dollar tree basket to separate the hand towels and wash cloths.
Tagged and labeled!!
Whoo Hoo!
 There you go! 
Shabby cheap and cheerful organizing on a budget!
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dollar Bin Organizing

Hello my lovelies.
I am on an organizing kick...AGAIN!
Here is a lovely Shabby organizing idea from
Her blog, craft room and creations are GORGEOUS! 
Now this is beautiful creative clutter!

Time to clean out drawers, closets, pantry and garage!
I will be visiting the dollar tree to purchase some cute organizing bins
 (hopefully in pink) 
 These are all dollar $1 tree containers!
Yummy candy colored containers to make all of my organizing dreams come true!

Of course to make things cute, I need some really awesome tags!
I find these darling Shabby Tags in the dollar section of the craft Michael's Craft Store.
So, I am off to get things really organized in my home!
I will post pictures as I go.
Wish me luck!
I hope I do not get distracted and start decorating instead of cleaning!!!!!

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