Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Caring for fresh cut roses

Hello my darlings!
Last week I splurged and bought some fresh roses for my home!
 Would you believe that I had no idea how to care for fresh cut roses?!
A very sweet florist gave me instructions on how to get my roses to open up and last longer!
Wow!!! What a difference it has made.
I am sharing some tips on how to care for fresh cut flowers in case you are like me and had no clue. 
I picked up a dozen roses at our local grocery store for $9.99.
These roses were for my photo shoot so I wanted them to last and also bloom out a bit. 
These are the tips the florist shared with me in order to get my roses nice and fluffy for my event.
 Florists Fresh Cut Roses Tips
1.To keep your roses fresh for an event place store them in a refrigerator in water with some fresh flower preservative.

2. Roses take 2-3 days to bloom out before an event. To get them to bloom out take them out of the refrigerator and prepare a jar with luke warm water. Cut the rose stems about and inch and them place them directly in the luke warm water.

3. Watch roses carefully as they bloom out, this process can take several hours even up to a couple of days. 

4. When your roses are bloomed out where you want them. Prepare another jar of water and preservative. Cut your roses another inch and them place them immediately in the solution and put them back in the refrigerator until your event.

This worked really great for me!
I was pleased with how the roses stayed fresh and bloomed out perfectly.
If you have any more fresh cut roses tips leave them in the comments below, I would love to hear how you care for your flowers!

Have a beautiful blessed week,

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