Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Pink Laundry Room

 Hello lovelies!!
My car has been in the shop all week, so I have been at home cleaning, organizing and crafting!
I have been working in my pink laundry room.
 I went through all of my linens and had a wash day!
Don't you just love the smell of fresh laundry!
My hubby is allergic to fragrance so I am not using a smelly good laundry sheet, but it is still so nice to have everything all fresh and clean!
A couple of years ago I painted my laundry room pink....I figured why not, I am the only person who really is in there, might as well make it cute!
 I found this little laundry sign at a resale shoppe, painted it pink and added glitter!
 This is my darling basket I painted pink this week!
I peeled off the labels to my detergent bottles for this picture...
Laundry is actually one of my favorite chores, which is a good thing because I am always busy with keeping up with my hubby and kids clothes!!
 Thank you my sweet and darling friends!!
Every comment and visit is a treasure to me!
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Hugs and sparkles,

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