Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Pink Laundry Room

 Hello lovelies!!
My car has been in the shop all week, so I have been at home cleaning, organizing and crafting!
I have been working in my pink laundry room.
 I went through all of my linens and had a wash day!
Don't you just love the smell of fresh laundry!
My hubby is allergic to fragrance so I am not using a smelly good laundry sheet, but it is still so nice to have everything all fresh and clean!
A couple of years ago I painted my laundry room pink....I figured why not, I am the only person who really is in there, might as well make it cute!
 I found this little laundry sign at a resale shoppe, painted it pink and added glitter!
 This is my darling basket I painted pink this week!
I peeled off the labels to my detergent bottles for this picture...
Laundry is actually one of my favorite chores, which is a good thing because I am always busy with keeping up with my hubby and kids clothes!!
 Thank you my sweet and darling friends!!
Every comment and visit is a treasure to me!
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Hugs and sparkles,


  1. So adorable! Love your pinks Olivia!


  2. I adore your pink laundry room and the bit of bling. Laundry is a boring chore normally but I think your pink makes it much more pleasant. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  3. That would make the chore so much more enjoyable. Great soft pinks.

  4. Olivia, Your laundry room is really cute. I like pink also. You must have your laundry all caught up...I didn't see any piles of clothes. There have been times when I wonder who is wearing all the clothes around here...there's only two of us here. :):) xoxo,Susie

  5. Too Cute Olivia! If my laundry room wasn't a pass through to our garage/kitchen i woukd probably to a softer sweeter look too! I would love to laundry in that darling room!
    Be blessed, Lorena

  6. That is so cute, Olivia. I think it is the only pink laundry room I have ever seen- xo Diana

  7. Oh, Olivia! That is the most adorable laundry room! I would want to stay in there forever to do laundry! I thought I wanted sea foam in my laundry room, but now I'm not so sure! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  8. So pretty why doesnt everyone make their laundry space inviting and make the task more appealing. Well done!!

  9. It's so pretty Olivia,who wouldn't want to do laundry in such a pretty place.

  10. Olivia,I would enjoy doing laundry if my laundry room was that pretty.

  11. OMG I'm in love with your Laundry!!!!

  12. Hi Olivia, I hope that you're doing well today! When I had first seen this photo on Facebook I was amazed at how much I really adored what you've done with your laundry room! Now, about a week later that's all I seem to be thinking about!(well that and your gorgeous Pink Shabby Santa and Village) My laundry area is in my garage which is not used for a car and my washer and dryer are set up just about as yours are. I can actually visualize my laundry area looking very similar to how beautiful yours is and I do believe that I'm going to give it a go! Thank you for your inspiration and for all the beautiful pieces that you share and that you create! Have a lovely and creative day!
    Hugs and many blessings...
    Bobbi Ann Cook

  13. Hello Olivia,
    First time visiting your page, such lovely d├ęcor you have. I am in the process of building my laundry room and would love to know the color of you walls in your laundry room? So hard to find the right pastel pink!
    Thank you for sharing your beauty.


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