Monday, November 29, 2010

Fabulous Glittery Paris Sign!

Hello sweet friends!
I have made some more of these cute Paris chandelier signs!
The first ones sold out in my booth, soooooo, I decided to put one in my Etsy shop!
I took a very ordinary piece of thin brown board and fluffed it up with a Paris sign and a glittery chandelier! At the corner I added a burlap mixed lacy bow!
This sign looks so cute with these fabulous frenchy bottles...
 I also did a neat tall bottle with a vintage French paper label...
 These jars are a fun decorative way to store crafty supplies like buttons, ribbons, paint brushes or vintage wallpaper!
I am partying with Marketplace Monday at Finding Fabulous, click on the link below to see more exciting blog projects!
Be blessed and be a blessing!
Squishy Hugs,

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday! 
Ooohhh La La, I had a little time to fluff up one of my 
mannequins for the cottage sale!
 She is pretty in pink with a saucey Victoria's Secret
nightie and a vintage overlay...
 I also fluffed up my bathroom with this out of control pink teacup wreath!
Honestly, I cannot help myself when it comes to pink and the glue gun! 
Of course I have to show off big kitty snuggling little kitty
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 Happy Pink Saturday my lovely pinky friends!
Please stop by Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more Pink goodness!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dreaming of a Shabby Chic Christmas!

I am nibbling on turkey leftovers, sipping hot cocoa and 
dreaming of a Shabby Chic Christmas! 
I fluffed up my mantel...
Pretty vintage goodies...
Yummy pink mini stocking I pre-shopped from the cottage sale...
 At the end of my hallway I have created a darling faux window 
to disguise the furnace closet...
 I added this cute silvery tree...
(The tree was formerly white and turned yellow, you know me I CANNOT let it go to waste so out came the silver plastic spray paint I found at a garage sale last weekend!)
Darling Vintage Teacup ornament

Vintage West German Ornament

Thank you for visiting my home and dreaming of a pretty Shabby Chic Christmas with me!
Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shabby Chic White Christmas Tree

Hello sweet friends!
I have been working some pretty Christmas magic in my Shabby Chic Cottage!
This is the Christmas tree I put up in my living room.
I fluffed up the top with some pretty roses and glittery poinsettias!
  As always, I look at gorgeous magazines and blogs to get decorating ideas.
I really wanted to fill out some spaces above cabinets with garland. I wanted to use what I had so I dug into my Christmas stash to fluff up the top of my dining room cabinet...

Make it Fabulous for Less Tip~
For this garland I used pieces of a cast off faux Christmas tree limb. To get the snowy effect spray tree limbs with adhesive spray and sprinkle with faux snow you can find in a bag for $1 at the resale shops or dollar stores. Add some pretty flowers or beads from your craft stash and you have a fabulous garland for cheap!

This Holiday season I will spend time with my friends and family. This particular year presents challenges that are beyond my control but not God's. I pray as we all find ourselves spending time with our loved ones that we remain patient and kind and lean on God for PEACE!
I think this psalm is pretty and simple...
Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10
I am joining Faded Charm for White Wednesday
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pink Saturday Feature ~Teacup Chandelier~!

My toes are twinkling with excitement!
I adore the color pink, anything romantic, and of course Shabby Chic! I am honored to be featured on Beverly's Pink Saturday Post!
My latest crafty creation...
A Teacup Chandelier!!! (A work in progress I may add)
This little cutie was found for $3 at a tag sale, I primed her up and used my heavy duty glue to keep the teacups on!
I am going to add lots of pretty crystals, beads and whatever else fabulous and fluffy I can find!
I did not have matching teacups to spare sooooooo 
I used mismatched...isn't wonky what Shabby Chic is all about!
Did you know I have a pink laundry room and powder room?
Ohhh and I adore this pretty in pink shoe!

Painting and creating is my outlet for many things!
I am thankful for Jesus who is my rock!
Thank you again to Beverly at 
for the Fabulous Pink Saturday Feature!
I read every single comment and they really make my day!
I will also be partying with these darling Chics!
Squishy Hugs,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fabulous Chandelier Stencil!

I am in LOVE with my new Shabfabulous chandelier stencil!
 I am painting chandeliers on anything with a surface!
 The holidays are a perfect time to add a bow to almost anything!
This bow is a mix of lace and burlap with a pretty black and white photo to add that vintagey touch...
ohhh la la!
 I created this sign out of an antique school desk top,
to add to our Farmgirl Sisters cottage sale...
the cottage is being fluffed and dazzled up and let me tell you, we have over 1,000 ornaments!!!!
To see more of the cottage go to the Farmgirl Sisters new blogpsot...
I had the chance to do something kind for a stranger today...
what a wonderful feeling!
Be a blessing and please stop by Faded Charm 
for White Wednesday!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Pink Satuday!

Happy Pink Saturday my sweet friends!
My hands are covered in paint, the ends of my fingers have glue gun burns and my dining room table looks like a craft bonanza!
Check out this super cute chalkboard I am working on, Mr. Romantic gave me the idea to paint the chandelier in the center...
 I am also in the process of re purposing this dumpster chair
I painted it pink and now need a seat cut...
Ooohh la la, this darling basket was made with milinery flowers...
I have to share my Big Kitty with you...he is a love bug!
Of course Big Kitty loves PINK!
Well my sweeties please stop by and visit the lovely Beverly at

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