Saturday, April 27, 2013

Feathering the Nest

Hello lovelies!
Time to Feather the Nest...
 A sweet little wreath I made!
My heart is in my garden this week!
Aren't these roses gorgeous?! I hope to have some this color this year.
It has still been a bit chilly, so I am just weeding and getting the ground ready for some pretty new flowers.
I recently switched to tea from coffee. 
I drink lots of green tea for it's outstanding antioxidants!
Here are some pretty tea party spots in my home...

Lovely roses teacup...
A shot of my dining room cabinet with one of my pretty hand made floral swags!
I was lucky enough to find a beautiful Victorian screen stay tuned next week I hope to have some pictures of it ready! 


Friday, April 19, 2013

Roses Please....

Hello lovelies!
What a beautiful week this has been!
I just love spring, a time for blossoms and new beginnings!
I have been working on some pretty projects for my home and shoppe! 
I fluffed up this pretty candle with lots of sparkles...
 and these little frou frou beauties.
 Oh how I just adore lace, roses and romance!
I wrote this sweet little poem....

 ~roses please~

color my heart with your art
paint for me a garden of gentility
soft and sweet tangled blooms
sing to me all the vibrant colors
I long to hear
heal me with your wild reds
release me to the purple moon
pluck the mushrooms under my toes
tuck me from the darkness in tender petals
sing me to sleep
in a bed of roses

~ olivia parazine


 Have a beautiful blessed week!
Hugs and sparkles,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love pink!

Happy Pink Saturday!

 AND Happy Birthday to my amazing son Max!
I'm crazy about this kid!
I will have tons of boys at the house this weekend!!!!
Say a little prayer for me ladies! 
Have a beautiful and blessed weekend! 
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