Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shabby Rose Mosiacs

Hello lovelies!
Recently, I tried my hand at 
working on a couple of mosiac projects.
I used some pretty vintage rose plates.
I used an old patio table that had a badly painted top
I used plates that I already had.
Some were already chipped and some were just "cheap" and had not sold in my flea market booth.
I used an old towel and hammer to break up my plates.
(Don't forget safety googles) 
Then I arranged them in a pretty pattern.
 After I arranged them, I glued every single piece in.
Next, I grouted the whole table.
After grouting, I started wiping the excess off the plate pieces.
This is the tricky part for me, my table dried quickly so, 
I used sandpaper to get the pieces that were already dry but still had excess grout.
This is my first attempt at a large piece.
Although not perfect, I am pleased that I pushed myself to finish!
My first finished piece was a vintage sewing drawer.
I have always wanted to try mosiacs, but I was afraid it was going to be really hard.
 Mosiacs are "work", but turned out to be easier than I expected!
I'm pretty happy with my budding projects...maybe, just maybe, I will attempt some more!
Have a beautiful and blessed week!

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