Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reaaranging Furniture

Yesterday, I rearranged my living room wall. I moved the sofa table behind the coach to the far wall and added light pink shutters to my shabby shutter shelf creation.
  Next, I painted the inside of my faux fireplace white.
 I found an antique table ($5) that flips up and down this weekend at a tag sale.
I painted it white and I would love to add a beautiful shabby floral applique to the center.
While I had the white paint out I shabbied the wall sconces. I am on the look out for a set of 4 matching shabby mini lamp shades to add to the top.
My husband works long hours. Yesterday, I saw him for about 20 minutes.
When I am home with the kids I play with them and paint in between housework. Rearranging and painting furniture helps me stay sane.
 I snapped these pictures yesterday to see how everything looked. I was not planning to use them, but my excitement got the best of me.

I also wanted to share with you my dear mother in law has opened an etsy shop with beautiful hand painted Shabby Chic signs. She has an amazing God given talent her work is just gorgeous!
Hand Lettered with Love (click here to visit her shop)
Happy Pink Saturday my sweet Shabby lovin pink friends!
Squishy hugs,

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