Thursday, January 6, 2011

Create Romantic Charm with your Shabby Vintage Linens!

Vintage linens are one of my favorite things to collect!
I especially adore ladies handkerchiefs that whisper the sweetness of days gone by. Linens are a wonderful way to add vintage romantic charm to your cottage decor!
Feeling inspired I decided to get creative with one of my pretty handkerchiefs and create a pretty spring wreath. 
So, if you would like to give this a whirl, here is how I created my vintage linen wreath!
I used a straw wreath that I picked up at a thrift store for .50 cents.
I wrapped it in strips of old curtain lace and then added a satin bow at the top to layer lace and vintage flowers on...
Next I stretched the vintage handkerchief across the front of the wreath and hot glued the edges to the back
Once this is done you can add as much lace and fluff to the top as you want!
 I love lots of flluff in my wreaths...even the simpler ones!
  A perfect way to use your vintage linens and create vintage romantic charm in your cottage!
I will be sharing this with 
Have fun creating!

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