Saturday, September 1, 2012

Candy Colored Pink Princess Wreaths

 Hello my lovelies!
When all of my babies started school, I wondered should I get a real job?
This is a bit of a slow time for our flea market booths, so I was racking my heart for an answer, whispering little prayers up to heaven.
I was just not sure my body could work an 8 hour shift and then come home and do dinner, homework, housework, etc...
I decided to reopen my Etsy store and I am so happy to say, my little business is being blessed!!!
Recently I took a request for a Shabby Chic candy colored pink princess wreath!
I was tickled pink with how pretty it turned out and so was my customer!!!
Another gorgeous candy colored pink request...
Yummy princess candy pink with loads of tulle and bridal lace!!!
~Love the frou frou, giggles!!!~
I hope you all have a beautiful pretty in Pink day!!!
 I am partying with the fabulous 
Big squishy hugs and blessings your way!!!

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