Thursday, August 12, 2010

 Friday August 13, 2010
I painted my teeny back porch!
That's right folks! I shabbied up my humble little back porch with a coat of white paint and some tag sale furniture and 
it came out soooooo cute....
Right outside my backdoor is a tiny little porch that has stood lonely without any Shabby love...well, yesterday in 105 degree heat I changed all that! At one point I really wondered what I was thinking, but it was all worth it when the kids and I had dinner under the pretty white canopy...
I am soooo excited to have a new "Shabby Outdoor Space"!
I used a pretty ruffled edge curtain to create the I am racking my brain as to how in the world I will sneak a chandelier right underneath the canopy in the center of the table, TRUST ME, I will find a way! 
I plopped a few pillows in the old 50's chair and I have a perfect spot to dream...
and of course I had to add a little pink in the mix with some pretty pink flowers in a Shabby Pink Enamel container...
I cannot believe how tickled I was over this project. Honestly, I just whipped out a can of outdoor white paint and put a coat on this porch, I am still going to probably put another coat on it...but whooeee it is really HOT
so, I will see how this wears and then go from there!
I have had a vision of this...just waiting to find the perfect table so last weekend when I spied this round table for $2 I knew it would be perfect! Of course I had some pretty lacy linens just waiting to take up residence outdoors...
The darling little bench my husband built out of a free headboard we picked up. As much as I would love to have big perfect matching Shabby Chic pillows, they are not in my teeny budget, so I pick up little pillows at tag sales and resale shops here and there super cheap and then mix them all together. 
The stand holding the canopy up is an odd metal piece that I painted white and the little stool was a steal for $2. The old 50's chair was a forest green that I found at the thrift store for $5 and I shabbied it up with my favorite white paint and mixed in more off beat pillows.
I have more that I would like to add to this darling outdoor space, can't you just imagine a pretty trellis with vines, pretty flowers planted in front of the porch and a dangling crystal chandelier somewhere in the center. Oh yes, there is  that cute old wicker rocker I am going to do something fabulous with sooooo
I am partying with Cindy at Romantic Homes for Show and Tell Friday
and Beverly's Pink Saturday at
Have a lovely weekend!

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