Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Shabby Chic Bedroom

Hello my lovelies!
Guess what I found at our local library thrift store???
A like NEW Shabby rose sheet set!
I REALLY want a Shabby Chic comforter!
Until I get one, I am using the flat sheet laid on top of my old comforter!
The flat sheet works pretty good on top and it is nice and light for summer!
I also used a ruffled bed skirt to create this canopy!
In the corner of bedroom I used a cool old mirror
layered in front of a vintage door.
 (FREE garage sale score)
To get the mirror up to the right height I used a pretty chair 
that I made over in Shabby white with a pink tshirt seat.
I love vintage wedding veils.
I let the veils trail down the side of the mirror!
Thank you for stopping by! 
I am off to do some crafting!
I will be partying with 



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