Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rusty Tin 4th of July Wreath

For the fourth of July I wanted to add a hit of patriotic colors to the front of my cottage.
This fourth of July Wreath is perfect and so easy to make!
I created it using scraps of stuff I had laying around.
Let's make it:
Rusty Tin
Wire cutters
Red ribbon and scrap fabric in reds
1 med size grapevine wreath
1 small ribbon shaped grapevine wreath
Blue and white paint
String or floral wire
Hammer and nail
 *Start by tracing a wonky star on the back of your tin. 
Using wire cutters CAREFULLY cut out 4 small star shapes and one large one.
Hammer a nail into the top of the star and then pull out the nail, this creates a hole to string the stars together.  Paint large star white.
Paint ribbon shaped grapevine wreath blue (I used a pretty blue spray found at Wal-Mart)
String all the stars together and tie them onto the blue wreath with red ribbon. 
Tie fabric scrap around the red ribbon.
Attach to medium size grapevine wreath using string or floral wire.
Get creative!  If you don't have access to rusty tin check your local craft store for foam or pre-cut wooden stars.
I love how these colors create a sense of Patriotism in a Romantic Country style.
This old wagon wheel leans on a tree in front of my house and is so fun to decorate!
Thank you for stopping by my cottage garden and letting me share my inspiration with you!
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