Monday, May 21, 2018


Hello beautiful friends!
Recently I have been hooked on getting glamorous nails at home!
I used to spend tons of money on fancy manicures only to have my nails looking Shabby after a day of crafting!
So, I started doing my nails at home using Dollar Tree nails!!!
It is actually super easy!!
I pick up two packs of the French tip fake nails from the Dollar Tree.
Step 1~ Gently buff the tops of real nails
Step 2~ Trim nails very short and push back the cuticles
Step 3~ Dab a tiny bit of super glue on top of nail and then press on fake nails and hold for about 10 seconds
Step 4~ Add a clear top coat for a more realistic finish!

Here is the video I made of how I apply my Dollar Tree Nails!~
I love how I can get a glam nail manicure for only about $2.
If they get messed up from crafting I take them off for the days I work and then on Friday put a new set on!!

Comment and let me know what your favorite glam beauty products!

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