Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shabby Chic White Christmas Tree Branch Tutorial

Hello lovelies!
As promised, a fabulous fluffy Shabby Chic swag made out of y
old faux Christmas tree branches.
This can also be done with traditional evergreen branches, collect remnants from your favorite resale shoppe!
For this project we are making a swag to go above my living room cabinet.

If you want to make the hanging swag below, simply follow the tutorial and face bow and pine cones downward.
  • 2-4 old faux Christmas tree branches
  • wire cutters
  • florist wire 4-6 pcs
  • 2 large pine cones (paint the tips white or pink, let dry)
  • 4-6 ft white wired ribbon
  • strands of beads or pearls
  • scissors
  • crystal knob or jewelry accent
  • pink napkin or fabric remnant
  • hot glue gun

Start by laying your branches on each other and wiring together.
If you want it fluffy add two branches on each end.
Draw the centers together and wrap the wire tightly around both branches.
Next, take your wire ribbon and make the bow by wrap layering it.
Wrap wire around center and fluff the layers out.

Wire your pretty bow on to the the center of the tree branches.

Next, take wire and wrap around fat end of pine cone and wire this up underneath the bow and around the tree branches.
After that, loop your pearls or beads and hot glue
(Ahhh! be careful not to burn your pretty fingers!)
to the top of the pine cones on each side.

Now let's make the napkin rosette!
I chose a castoff napkin that lost it's counterparts and had a little stain on the center section.
I like to just cut about a 1 1/2 inch strip around the whole napkin.
Then cut a smaller 1 inch strip if needed.

You should have a nice little pile of fabric to work with.
Napkins work great, they have nice clean edges!

I'm not sure how other crafters make their rosettes, but this is a no sew version via me!
Gather the material and glue as you go.
Turn the fabric as you gather and glue.
Keep going until you get a nice full fluffy rosette.
(This is always where I burn my fingers, yikes! Be careful!)
I had a ruffle remnant so I added it to the back of the rosette.
When finished with the rosette glue crystal knob or jewelry piece to the center for
a little extra sparkle darkle!

Ohhhh, so pretty and deelish!
Now I have a pretty swag to fluff up my cabinet!
So fun and fabulous to reuse vamp up what you already have laying around!
This one I have outside my door!
Well my sugar sweet friends, my chamomile tea is kicking in and it is time
for a rest!
Please share your creations with me and don't hesitate to ask questions!
Big Squishy hugs,

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